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False Front

A false front, like the ones on the buildings in the Old West, were charming and quite a clever idea. Sort of like the peacock feathers of architecture, if you will. The first one, I am sure, was the result of someone thinking, "Gee, I really would love my shop to be as popular as the larger store across the street, but I haven't the time, nor the money, to build a shop of that size and quality. It would be much faster and cheaper to just make it appear to people that they are entering a shop of the same caliber. Once I have them inside, chances are they will stay and shop, forgetting that I have tricked them, and won't even bother to leave and visit the nicer store next door." That person was right. However, a false front does not hold the same charm, when it is erected in front of a person, instead of a building...

Recently, thanks to Facebook, I was reunited with a long lost uncle. Basically, because of the way my mother was living her life at time, she avoided her parents and most of her siblings. Thus, this man has not laid eyes on me, since I was 10 years old. He said that he always worried and prayed for my brothers, sisters, and me, but really had no idea what sort of life we were living or how we were being treated. I have been trying to fill in the blanks for him, one short conversation at a time.

This eventually led to his informing me that he had bumped into a near relative of mine, a few years back. He was both shocked and relieved to discover that this man is now a devoted Christian and a good hard working family man. I nearly choked, as the man he spoke of is the man that molested me and other innocent victims. He is anything but a a God fearing family man, even to this day. That is just what he would like for people to believe. Sure, he goes to church now, and possibly has asked God for forgiveness. But there is no real change in his life, every other day of the week. Nor has he EVER apologized to the people he hurt or asked us forgiveness for ruining our childhoods. Personally, I feel that, while fulfilling a religious obligation may be admirable (to those that could manage to admire the sick bastard, ever), this person also has a moral obligation to repent to those that he has hurt.

I have stood silent and watched this scum live behind his false front for years. Silent, because I did not want to draw attention to myself. Silent, because the memories are too painful to recount at times. But, when I saw my uncle's kind words about this man, something snapped in me. I asked myself just why should this pervert get to enjoy the company and praise of my long lost uncle. If my uncle started to hang out with this guy, I would lose out for sure, as I would never go near any gatherings held by my rediscovered family. Partly because the guy makes me sick, mostly because I will never let him be near my children. I decided to tell my uncle the truth about this man. How this jerk is pulling the wool over his eyes. He thanks me for letting him know, He told me he was sorry that he had not been there to protect me as a child. I believe him. We plan to get together soon and start building the relationship that we were robbed of. As for the pervert, I plan to tear down his false front. One nail, one board, one paint chip, at a time...


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