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Update Schmupdate

So much has been going on. I've barely had time to post!

I have been busy beading up some new things for my Etsy store, as well as mulling over ideas for some non-beaded items. I'll be making a new batch of Sourwood Honey Soap and posting them this week...
A man who rented some of our property to grow corn, sprayed weed killer on his crop and completely killed our corn. Thank goodness I had ignored Hubs and passed on locating the rest of my crops down in the bottom land.

I have an experimental garden in my yard, growing different crops in composting hay. So far everything is growing like mad, especially the tomatoes.

My special needs son and Hubs were treated very rudely at a dental appointment yesterday. The place was aware that Tallen is special needs and had assured me that they were trained to work with a child like him. The problem was with one nurse, but I think if she can act as she likes, without being seen by another employee and reported, I'll be taking my child somewhere else.

I wrote a song several years ago, when I was missing my Dad. This Father's Day, I finally got up my nerve and uploaded it to the internet. MySpace was the only hosting site I could find to use. http://t.co/qTZQvq8 If you go listen, please be kind with your critique'. I can't play an instrument. I have no backup singers. I also have thyroid tumors, which make my voice sound like Hell.

Got up the other morning to find our entire litter of kittens missing, but for one. We assumed they had followed their mother into the woods and became lost. By the next day, another kitten had returned home but no sign of the others. Selly went out last night to water the hunting dogs and heard meowing. You'll never believe what she found... The other three missing kittens were alive and well, on the roof of our old workshop/shed! Apparently, they had followed their mother inside the shop, up some stairs into the loft, and had then been to frightened to come down. Thank God they managed to get out a broken window and onto the roof or we would never have found them. They just are weaned and are little bitty kittens. It amazes me that they managed to go on such a big adventure. At any rate, they are all now sleeping soundly with their Mama,with their bellies full.


I have more to share but it it before daylight here and I fear my clicking on the keyboard is going to wake Hubs and ruin my quiet time. I'll post more later...



  1. You have had alot going on there! Sourwood Honey Soap sounds amazing!

    You are a better person than me...Hubs would have had to hold me back because I would have wanted to go and CLOBBER the fella that killed your corn!

    Tallen doesn't deserve to be mistreated by anyone, especially a professional like a nurse. Report her!

    I am going to go and listen to your song...

    Last, but not least, I am so glad that the missing kitties were found. I absolutely love little kitties!!! :)

  2. Glad you found the missing kitties and your song that you sung for your father was beautiful. I'm a new EntreCard advertiser and just subscribed to follow your blog hon!

  3. Just popping in from SITS to say Hi...
    Sorry to hear your son had a hygenist who was poorly trained. Better luck next time....
    I have been wanting to try growing veggies, etc. in hay bails....a simple kitchen garden but in bails :-)
    Have a beautiful day....


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