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Wednesday Weigh-In

This is not a weight loss post. Just a post where I share my humble (snort!) opinion on various topics...

Casey Anthony
Guilty As Sin!
 I know this with every fiber of my being. How? Because I am a mother. Any mother will tell you that, if her child went missing, as Casey would like for us to believe, she would tear open hell and earth ten times over, looking for her baby. She would beg, steal, and borrow. She would plead for help, even from people she disliked or total strangers to help bring home her baby. She would look like death warmed over, from the hours of crying her heart out, wanting her baby back, willing to give her very life, if she could hold her child in her protective arms and know that it was again safe.

 Casey did none of this. Her child went "missing" and she proceeded to act like a bird that had been released from it's cage. Chasing anything with a penis, partying it up. Lying, lying, lying, the whole time, whenever anyone asked about Caylee. She knew where that baby was and that place was Dead. There was no danger of someone calling up her mother and asking why Casey had not came to pick up her child. She was free at last.And a month later, when someone finally got the balls to question her story, (why did they wait so long, knowing Casey history of lies and that poor Caylee was with her?) she responded with lie after lie.

  She always appeared on TV, perfectly groomed and almost jolly. The only real tears she ever shed were when she was talking about how badly she had been treated. She hindered all attempts to find that baby, by leading authorities on wild goose chases. Why? Because she did not love Caylee, she knew she was dead, and her main objective was to cover her own ass.

  I think that Casey was drugging that child and leaving her in the car while she partied and whored around. Of course, with the national campaign against leaving kids in hot cars or alone in cars going on, she couldn't very well just leave her sleeping in her car seat, chancing someone walking by and spotting her, then calling 911. So, she put her in the trunk of the car, But then there was the chance of Caylee waking up and crying or calling for help. So that's where the tape over the mouth came in. I think that little Caylee either died from too many drugs in her system or it is possible that, after partying all night, Casey slept late into the day and remembered too late that little Caylee was still in a hot trunk. where she died from the deadly high temperatures that it must have reached inside the trunk of that car.

  This is what I think and what I have always thought. That sorry excuse for a human being will never, ever, admit what she did to that baby. I don't know what to say about anyone that actually believes her bullshit.

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  1. It's so sickening, I just can't believe they didn't find her guilty! :(


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