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Ten Tips for Making Life Easier and More Efficient, While On the Go

Ever have so many things going on at once, that you find yourself running in circles? Or maybe you hurry out the door, only two get a few miles from home and realize you have forgotten something. I am guilty of both of these. Here are a few tips that have helped me keep my sanity.

Ten Tips for Making Life Easier and More Efficient, While On the Go
1. Have a station near the entrance/exit of your home, such as a table or a closet, where book bags, sports gear, and anything else that will be needed the next day are placed each night before bedtime. This saves precious time in the morning, especially if the family should oversleep.

2. I like to keep plastic bowls with lids, that I fill with breakfast cereal. This helps the kids serve themselves, if need be. They are also great to grab as an in the car snack, on the way to and from events.

3.Keep a change of clothes in the car for each child. This has been a life saver more times that I can recall.

4.Baby wipes. Also keep package of these in the car. I usually need these at least once on any given car trip.

5. Tuck away a list of doctor and school phone numbers in the glove box of the car. These are handy to have, if you are running late and need to call ahead.

6.On laundry day, try to take a few extra minutes and put together matching outfits for smaller kids, for the week ahead. You can tuck socks and underwear into the pockets and then place the outfit on a hanger. You know the outfits match now and can then let your child pick which one they would like to wear each day. The feeling of having control cuts down on time stealing tantrums.

7. Make sure the car has gas before coming home in the evening. On a rushed morning, a near empty gas tank is a nightmare.

8.Try to double up on dinner. Make two of whatever you are having that night and stash one in the freezer. Soon you'll have meals in the freezer. Then just grab one and pop it in the fridge to thaw, when you know your day will run long. When you arrive home, dinner is as simple as putting the now thawed main dish in the oven and preparing a side dish.

9.Keep bedtime the same, even on weekends. Especially with smaller kids, even a night or two of staying up late can get them off schedule. This makes for late nights during the week, trying to put them down for the night.

10. Turn off the TV and other attention grabbers and clean the house as a team. You'd be surprised how fast the work gets done, when distractions have been removed.

These are just a few tips that have worked for me. I would love to hear yours!

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  1. Got to have those baby wipes in the car, even for me! Sticky hands and all! In high school I had to get up very early in the morning and so on Sunday night I would plan out all my outfits for the week and that really made a difference in getting out the door in time. I think if I wasn't a SAHM I would still be doing it. I've learned over the years that my husband HAS TO BE TOLD VERBALLY what I need him to help me with after dinner so that cleanup and bedtime don't wipe me out and take forever. Not that he didn't want to help, but it is just a guy thing. Great list! Thanks for the reminders... stopping by from SITS. - Caren with a "C"


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