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I'm Scared

About a week ago, I felt some discomfort as I turned my head. I reached to rub the back of my neck and found two marble size lumps, one of bit larger than the other. Both were very tender to the touch. A couple of mornings later, I woke with a headache and my neck was still sore. I soon found another lump, much larger than the first two and on my skull, about an inch above the two on my neck.

I have never had anything like this. I checked the other side of my head and neck, (like I always do when I find something wrong on one side, I check the opposite side and pray that there is a match. LOL) but found nothing there. I have had swollen gland before, but this isn't the same. Instead of being in the front/side of my neck, these are at my hairline, on the side/back of my neck.

I am debating whether to go to the doctor or maybe ride this out and see if they go away on their own. I really am in no mood to hear more bad news right now.


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  1. harmless cysts? if they are tender and popped up over night yah... but the neck is weird, have you looked at webMD?


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