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On a Brighter Note...

Nothing is better with the teenager. She is still saying horrible things and still has not called her little brother or sisters. There's nothing I can do about that. Still yet, I have happier news to share...

I took Tallen in for his yearly physical last week. He got a clean bill of health. He is a tad short for his age but the doctor said his weight an height are a good match and the he probably just gets the short thing from all the shorter folks on both my and his father's sides of the family. She suggested liquid Melatonin for his sleep issues and gave us a referral to a physical therapist. They will try different things to help him stop walking on his toes. He is so happy about going, as he is convinced he's going to get a foot massage. lol

Today is the first day, since her leaving, that he didn't get upset and start asking where his sister is and why she isn't calling. Maybe things are looking up...

I'm feeling a lot better about the situation as well. I just keep reminding myself that it is really out of my hands. I can leave the door open and otherwise just concentrate on the rest of my babies.

Home Repairs

I managed to fix the dishwasher last week. Today, though I'm still a little afraid to believe it, I'm pretty sure I fixed the refrigerator. The problem was that the freezer was working as a refrigerator and the refrigerator was barely working at all. We were managing by keeping things cold in the freezer part and a smaller dorm fridge, and storing the frozen stuff in a chest freezer in the garage. Well I decided to take off all the covers an vacuum out every speck of dust. So far, so good. The fan is now running. The doors aren't heating up. Best of all, the temp has been steadily dropping inside, since I plugged it back in. That wasn't very long ago, as I spent most of my evening washing the whole thing and cleaning up the area where it has been sitting, before putting it back in place. I made burgers and fries for dinner. Not gourmet by a long shot, but everyone was happy, and I was just too pooped to do better.

Tomorrow, we are loading up and going grocery shopping, then coming home and painting the girl's rooms. I may paint Tallen's as well. He still has Blue, from Blue's Clues, that I painted on his wall a few years back. A little below his age range, and he doesn't even like like it anymore, But he hates change even worse. I'll have to be extra sure that he is fine with repainting, as I can't bring Blue back if he gets upset.

I hope you are all having a great weekend! I can't thank y'all enough for all the support you've shown me during this whole mess. HUGS

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  1. Good Morning!! YAY for fixing the dishwasher AND the refrig. My fridge is acting up so I am going to take your advice and vacuum the underneath of it (I have this long skinny attachment that should work) and the backside. Hopefully that'll improve its' performance!

    I hope that Tallen likes the color of his room! :)


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