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The Change ~ Day Three

Yesterday's juice consisted of cucumber, tomato, celery, pear, apples, ginger, lemon, red lettuce, carrots, and ginger. I made enough for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so it would be easily on hand, should hunger pangs hit.

I was headache free yesterday, most likely due to the weather being warmer. I did notice that my joint pain was greatly reduced. My joints hurt, even on warmer days. So I know this was either a result of my juicing or that fact that I have not drank any soda since I started this. Plus, as a long time hater of drinking water, I find that I actual crave it and have been drinking lots of it. So any of those changes could be a factor.

   I weighed at bedtime and was four pounds less than before I started. I feel a little rough today but am sure that is due to barking dogs waking me at 2 AM and not shutting up before daylight today. I never did find out what they were protecting the castle from, but it must have been pretty annoying to them. Of course, I was too paranoid to sleep with the dogs acting psycho. lol


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