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The Change~ Day Two

Yesterday went OK. I did notice that I was craving food more than usual. It is strange to me that, when I am eating whatever I like, I have days where I may actually forget to eat. But yesterday, I seemed to want a bite of every food I saw. I was even tempted to take a bite of my son's corn dog and I don't even like those.

           After my green juice in the morning, I had it again at lunch. For my evening juice, I had a carrot juice, with apples, celery, a peach. It was a little more fruity, since I felt like that might stave off my craving for the spaghetti that I made everyone else for dinner. In between, I drank lots of water.

             I don't think I have peed so much in my life! Maybe only when I was a baby in diapers. lol I hopped on the scale last night and it read that I had lost two pounds. No excitement about that, as I am positive it was probably just water weight.

               I was very sleepy yesterday, slept fairly well last night, then slept in today. I have heard that, by the third day of a juice fast, the sluggishness leaves and is replaced by more energy and clarity of the mind, both of which I can use.

                 By the way, I did not give up my morning coffee. I may be able to do this at a later date, but for now, I know if I strip too much away from myself, I won't stick to this healthier way of life.

                Wish me luck! HUGS


  1. stay positive & I too cannot give up my morning coffee ;)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. :) Suffering from headaches so much as it is, I am too chicken to endure the pretty much guaranteed headache that would come from caffeine withdrawal.

  2. I would have lasted about 5 seconds...

    1. I figured that was as long as I would last. I don't handle misery well. So far though, I am not feeling severely deprived. My worst times are when I am cooking for the rest of the family.


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