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Home Edition

Thanks for the post from Lynn Guy

I saw a commercial the other day that advertised the series finale of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and I’ll admit it made me a little sad. I know the show has been on for years and has probably run its course, but I just love watching it so much. It’s a very therapeutic show for me, because regardless of the family being showcased I typically end up crying like a baby. I get teary eyed halfway through most of the time, and at the end by the time they’re yelling “Move that bus!” I’m pretty much a total emotional basketcase. What an incredible idea, right? Let’s band together with some really talented designers, ask for some help from the family’s community, and give them a new house! The back stories are always incredible; most of the families have gone through some very traumatic situation that has now made their house unlivable for them—a recently handicapped child, or a failed business making it impossible for them to make necessary improvements, for instance. Over the course of an hour the show manages to build a new home and completely transform the family’s life. I’ll definitely be tuning in for the last episode. Check out directv Cleveland to see when it airs locally.

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