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The Change

No, not that one.

Today, I am beginning a major change in my life. I am so sick of being sick. So tired of being tired. I am beginning this change with a juice fast. I have not decided on 10 days or just 7. It depends on how well I feel after the first 7...

   This is not about weight loss, though I'm sure I could stand to lose a few pounds. This is about ridding myself of terrible headaches (I went to bed with one last night), easing the pain that I constantly feel in my joints and bones, finally being rid of a chronic ear infection that has plagued me since I was 11 years old, and hopefully this will lead to an improved mood overall. I am tired of taking loads of medication just to move each day.

   I've heard that the first few days of fasting can make a person feel like hell. That means I will pretty much feel just the same as I do now. Once my fast is complete, I plan to rotate, a week on, then a week off, with eating a micro-nutrient menu. This is not a diet, it is a forever change in the way I live.

  I began today with a juice concocted of celery, cucumber, red lettuce, lemon, apple, and ginger. Did it taste as good as Mt. Dew? Heck no. But it wasn't that bad and I think it may grow on me, after a few days. I plan to post here nightly, reporting on how my day went, how I feel, and what I consumed. Along with any other information that I feel is pertinent.

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