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Mother's Day is coming....

Guest Post by Shelly Garcia

My mother is a wonderful woman. She helps me out whenever she can,
whether it be money, furniture, or just an ear to listen. She's always
there. But, I guess, that's what mothers are for. The last few days have
been really hard on me. I feel like I have been crying non-stop. My mama
(I'm from the south and that's what we call our mother) has done
everything from send me money to listen to me cry to give me advice.
She's always been that way.

When I was younger - late teens/early 20s - I was a very bad person. I
didn't do things to please other people; I was trying to please myself.
I believe I hurt a lot of people along the way. One of those people is
my mama. Even though I did a lot of horrible stuff to her, she still
stands by me to this day. I am forever thankful for her.

I know Mother's Day (or in my case, Mama's day) is still two months
away, but it's never too early to shop for my mama. I don't think there
is enough money in the world to pay her back for what she's done for me.
But... I can try. Since I live over 400 miles away from home now, I
usually try to order something, flowers mostly, and have it sent. This
year, I'm thinking about getting her something a little more practical,
something she can actually use. Maybe I will look at fruit or chocolate
gift baskets... maybe even wine? She would get more use out of any of
those then she would flowers. I know whatever I decide, she will be
happy with. She usually says "Ugh, why did you do that? You didn't have
to get me anything." I say the same thing and usually mean the exact

Well, to all those mothers, mamas, mommies.. Happy soon to be Mother's

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  1. awwww! I'm sure you weren't a bad person! Just young...


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