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Happy Birthday to Me!!!

I had a mini "surprise party" before daylight this morning. My Android tablet had mysteriously been turned on, so the alarm app ,that happens to sound like a rooster, began crowing before daylight. I tried ignoring it, hoping it would shut off after a few minutes. No luck. I left my warm bed and headed into the kitchen to shut it off. Task accomplished, I realized I was thirsty and decided to open a can of pop. That's when I noticed the door was unlocked. I went over to turn the deadbolt and my pop slipped from my still half-asleep fingers, crashed to the floor and started spinning around like Linda Blaire in the Exorcist. There I was, on my birthday, in my skivvies, covered in sticky, cold, pop. I spent the next 20 minutes cleaning pop off of myself, the floor, and the surrounding appliances. ROFL HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! : P

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