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One of my favorite things about country life has to be when everyone's gardens start producing. In the last week alone, we have been given bags from our family and neighbors, stuffed full of fresh vegetables. Yellow squash, zucchini, bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and even some early potatoes.In return, we will be sharing with them some beans, corn, and what have you. Heck, we'll be sharing with pretty much everyone within hollering distance.

   It's just the way around these parts. Seeds are cheap and everyone always plants more than they need. I'm sure they do it intentionally, as we do the same. I had to giggle, when a man that helps here on the farm, asked why on earth we were planting so many rows of beans. "What in the world will y'all do with so much? No way can y'all eat that much and canning all this would flat kill a person." He's not from around here and seemed shocked, when I smiled and told him that we'd give the rest away.

  I can't ever remember a time that we've ever gone hungry, as a result of sharing with others. I think that sharing what you have actually has a way of breeding generosity. But even if we never received something in return, the smile on the face of single mama who is struggling, or of an elderly person who is home-bound, when you hand them a bag of fresh food, that may well be their supper that night, is a smile that one never forgets. Even better, they can accept it with no shame, as we planted too much and they're actually doing us a favor by taking it off our hands. We planned it that way... ; )

P.S. I've eaten so much fried squash this week, I'm about to bust.

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