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Along Came a Spider...

Imagine opening your eyes one morning and finding yourself staring at this...

  That is exactly what happened to me. He was massive! The gross thing is, I was probably roused awake by this creepy booger walking across my face or something. I was up in a flash, swinging a shoe, with the agility of Bruce Lee, swinging around his nun chucks. I'm sure I looked more like Jerry Lewis!

   I reckoned that a pic of a greasy spot, with some legs protruding from it, wouldn't be that exciting to look at. So I went outside and found one on the porch, for y'all's viewing enjoyment.I killed one of the suckers yesterday. Now his whole family must be coming to the funeral!

  I Googled a search for spiders in my area and turns out he is a harmless Fishing Spider. Poisonous or non, I am not at all happy with a spider crawling around on my body, while I sleep. My skin is still crawling.
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  1. They are huge, I had the honour of having one in my bathroom 2 weeks ago. The Dog wouldn't even roll on it.

  2. LMAO! You sound like me. I do NOT like spiders. They have a knack for dropping down right in front me. They send me screaming.

  3. LOL A49 and Velantine, I hear ya! The only spider that I won't squish is a Daddy Long Legs. I've never been scared of those for some reason.


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