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Beautiful Spice Racks

My love affair with spice racks began when I was a teenager. While visiting the home of a new found friend, I was drawn to a huge, handmade, spice rack, that hung upon the kitchen wall. It was probably two feet wide by about three feet high, and there wasn't a single empty space. Not one! My friend explained to me that, when she got older, her mother planned to pass this wall spice rack down to her. I admit that I felt a pang of jealousy. 

  At my house, spices were stuffed into a small cabinet near the stove. Whenever we needed a spice, we would have to dig through the avalanche of falling cans and bottle, never really sure if we even owned the spice we were looking for. I knew that, when I grew up, I would have a beautiful, organized, spice rack. I did exactly that! I could never find a spice rack of the size that I wanted, so I purchased three of the same style and hung them on the wall in a grouping, to appear as one giant spice rack. Of course, this was before I knew about spiceracksource.com .

  With an huge offering of spice racks for your wall, counter, even racks the fit in drawers, spiceracksource.com is the one stop shop beautiful spice racks. They also offer spice containers and labels! From plain and simple to high-end elegance, there is a spice rack for every budget. Stop by their site and see for yourself, why I could kick myself for not finding them sooner.