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Kitchen Magic

  Kitchen Magic understands that the kitchen is the heart of a home. It's where meals are shared, stories are told, and plans are made. Such an important space deserves to be beautiful. They have been providing custom refacing, handcrafted cabinetry, and luxury counter-tops, along with quality customer service and high levels of satisfaction, for over 43 years. All work comes with a lifetime warranty, allowing customers to relax, with no worries of unforeseen hassle.

 Committed to outstanding service, upon completing a job, they provide each customer with a report card. The report card asks the customer to grade their experience with Kitchen Magic across 20 ‘subjects,’ ranging from the ease of scheduling their initial appointment to the skill of the craftsman who worked in their home. They really care about how the customer feels and whether their product and installation are satisfactory.

  They have also received the 2011 Lehigh Valley Business of the Year Award, the National Chrysalis Award for Best Kitchen Project, the Remodeling News Best Kitchen Category & Design Award, and the Best Kitchen Facelift Award. Hands down, they are the ones to call.