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Advice To My Children

I 'm aware that children rarely listen to any relationship advice from their parents or any adults, for that matter. However, the advice I would give them is this:

    When you first meet someone and begin to date them, you are almost always seeing this person on their absolute best behavior. It's only natural. You're showing them that very same side of yourself. PLEASE do not let this blind you to the more important things you should be paying attention too.

   Speaking from experience, I can assure you that those "little things" and "bad days" that give you pause, are NOT passing flare-ups, but are actually glimpses of the real person peeking through. These are the things that you will be living with every day, should you decide to marry this person, so don't brush them off and ignore them.

   How does this person treat other people? How do they treat servers at restaurants, children, animals, etc...? Frankly, you have something they want and once they get you reeled in, it could be you getting talked to like that waitress, your kids that he/she cannot tolerate, your pet that they have no patience with.

  Each day, a tiny bit of that "new relationship polish" is going to fall away and you will be spending your life with whatever type of person was hiding underneath. Take things slow and never, ever, ignore your gut instincts. I have before and have lived to regret it.
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