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In My Opinion

We need to realize that this is NOT a gun control issue. This is a PEOPLE control issue. We are one of the few countries that, should we come under attack from an outside source, citizens have the ability to protect their homes and families via gunfire. I would never want to lose that right.

Yes, I have stared down the barrel of a gun a few times in my life. As a child, I used to hide in a cornfield with my brother and sister, as my step-dad drove up and down the road, shooting into the corn trying to kill us. We ran till the soles of our feet were bruised. Another time, he pointed the gun right at my sister and me and pulled the trigger, had it not misfired, one of us would have been shot.

A few years later, I was almost shot in the back as I slept, when a cousin's husband came in and mistook me for his estranged wife. Several years later, he remarried and did end up shooting his wife and then himself.

A man pulled a gun on me once, when I worked as a cashier. After the police came, I was told that they needed my home address to give to this man, so he could pass it on to his attorney. WTF? Just another screwed up procedure. No way was I letting a man, who just threatened my life, know where I lived!

All of these events have a common factor of a gun. But more so, they have the common factor of some really effed up people. People who had weekend drinking parties with chiefs of police and district attorneys, so they never got more than a slap on the wrist for terrorizing their family. People who should have been under a restraining order but were not, because they hadn't really hurt anyone YET. People who should have been behind bars for previous assault crimes but were out walking the streets because of some slick talking attorney and a too easy judge.

We don't need more gun laws. We need harsher sentences. We need a justice system that takes domestic violence and protecting it's victims more seriously. We need mandatory mental health screenings and psychiatric treatment for detainees. We need school resource officers armed with more than pepper spray.

True story... a few weeks ago, someone spotted a man in sweats running around the track at my daughter's high school. The school went on immediate lock down and remained there until police verified that it was just a man that didn't know he must wait till after hours to use the track. A couple of weeks later, a man was spotted walking the fence line at the same school. He was carrying a rifle and wearing camo. Several kids spotted him and reported it to a teacher and principal. Every one of them were told that he was probably just a deer hunter and to not worry about it. No police were called to check it out and there was no lock down. Effing unbelievable!!!!! Stupidity at its finest.
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