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I'll Pay You Back On Friday, Come Pay Day, When My Tax Refund Comes...

Ever notice that people will call you repeatedly and track you to the ends of the Earth, when they want to borrow money, but go ghost when the time comes to pay you back? How do they think it is fair that, after you were good enough to give them a loan in good faith, that they then put you in the awkward position of having to track them down and ask for it back? PLUS it makes a person feel bad to be forced to ASK for it back. Why do we feel bad? Then they avoid you, like you have wronged them in some way. Yet, we do it again and again.

 A lesson folks... If someone is needing to borrow the money today, they're probably not going to have it when they promise to pay you back. OR, when they do get the money, the last thing on their effing mind is going to be you and the loan that promised to pay. They reside in a magical place where Friday, Pay Day, and Tax Refunds, never come and they couldn't give two shits if you have kids to feed, medical bills, or enjoy "luxuries" like electricity, running water, and having gas in your car. So never loan money that you couldn't afford to just give away. Because, 9 times out of 10, that's exactly what you are doing. GIVING IT AWAY.

  If this has happened to you, I am sorry. Just know that, if you loan someone money and never see them again, it was probably worth it! Plus, the next time someone asks for a loan, remember what a hassle it will probably be to get it back and remind yourself that your sanity and the needs of your family are more important. Also ask yourself if you are willing to lose this friend or family member because, chances are, the day you hand them the money is the last time you will hear from them for a long, LONG, time.

  If you have done this to someone, SHAME ON YOU!!!!! Be there for them like they were there for you. Don't make them track you down or, at the very least, don't avoid them like a shameless rat. At least face them and either pay up or discuss with them a reasonable payback plan and then be true to your word! Don't screw over the folks that helped you when no one else would. You may need them again sometime.
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