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Rude Teacher Update...

A fter trying for several days to reach the principal via phone and only getting voice mail, yesterday I decided to leave a message with a brief description of what had happened and asked that he return my call. A couple of hours later he did call me back and told me I would never believe what had just happened.

He said that. just as he was returning from a meeting. the A. P. approached him and stated that two different students had came to her yesterday morning and informed her of what they had witnessed happen to Selly. She said she contacted two random students from the class and that they also gave the same story. He said he asked her to let him check his messages and that he's be right back with her to discuss the problem and that's when he heard my message and called me back.

I was taken aback as usually the discussions always wind up with the principal becoming very defensive and assuring the parent that their staff would never do such a thing. That wasn't the case yesterday. He was VERY upset and told me that some teachers have an old school mentality that they can say whatever they want to a child and then claim they were joking etc... but assured me that, before the day was over, this teacher would have no doubt as to the fact that berating and insulting anyone at this school would not be tolerated ( I think he has had complaints about her before.) We talked for about 30 minutes. He is supposed to call today and update me on the situation.

My favorite part of all is that the assistant principal called Selly into her office, after hearing the complaints of the first two kids, and started the conversation with, "First of all, you're beautiful. Do not ever believe someone that tells you otherwise." Then listened to her side of the story and told her she couldn't take back the hurtful things that were said but that she was determined that it wouldn't happen again to her or another student in that class.

I'm just so pleased and surprised that they took action so fast and did not try to downplay this or make excuses for the teacher. Also that they are going above and beyond to make sure that Selly knows that the teacher was wrong in her actions. I'll update as I find out more.
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