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Now Listen Up, You Little Whipper Snappers!

My advice to younger people would be that they commit to love and accept themselves just as they are right now. I have never felt pretty. But, whenever I look back at photos of myself, from the times that I felt my absolute ugliest, I catch myself thinking, "Wow! I wasn't that bad at all!" 

Had I realized this then and not fallen victim to my own self loathing, I would have been more social, went more places, introduced myself to more people. I had low self esteem that was exacerbated by a history of bullies, boyfriends, husbands, jealous relatives, telling me that I was fat, my teeth were crooked, I talked too much, I talked too loud, I was dumb, etc... I did my best to be invisible. To this day, I am shocked when I am out and see someone from my past and they remember me. If they don't approach me, I usually don't approach them, for fear they will ask, "Who the heck are you?" But when they do approach me, call me by name, and say they remember me from school or whatever, it truly blows my mind. Somebody actually thought I was worth remembering.

A spirit crushed is a long time healing and I may never feel good about myself, but it's not too late for those of you that are right where I was years ago. don't let a handful of assholes ruin your life. Love yourself. Know you are beautiful.

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