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Isn't This Illegal?

* Something has been on my mind for a while now and it's driving me bananas... I know of three businesses in my area, a bar, a swimming pool, and a fancy restaurant, that require people to apply for a membership and for it to be approved, before they can go there.

 A relative helped build the bar and Hub's and I were there a lot, checking on progress and chit chatting. We were given a "membership" before the place even had doors. One day, I heard the owner talking to a friend and telling him that the membership was a way of keeping the place free of "Blacks and Mexicans". He said he just never approved their membership applications.

 The restaurant is a fancy place with a catchy name and is relatively new as well. A friend of ours took his wife there and she was positively beaming as she told me about it. The food was amazing, the staff was so nice, and then she said it, "... and the best part is, there wasn't a single colored person there. You have to be a member and they don't let them in." Needless to say, my opinion of her dropped to zero and I don't talk to her anymore.

 The pool is a favorite spot for all the kids and it has just always been common knowledge that they require a membership in order to weed out anyone but white folks. I've never taken my kids there and never will.

Racism is alive and well in my area. The ones that are racist just assume that everyone else is too. It makes me crazy. Anyway, my question is... isn't what these places are doing illegal? I'm thinking it would have to be.
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  1. OMG, where do you live? I would think it would be illegal. If there are places like that around here I am not aware. How sad this is still going on, and so blatantly.


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