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Go Figure Friday or Things That Made Me Go "Hmmm..." This Week

In no particular order...

~ C.C., who must have received the false information that Animal Planet has plans for a new show called "American Cat Idol", finally gave up "rehearsing" a.k.a. caterwauling. She just stopped. I woke at around 2:00 a.m. yesterday morning to complete silence. At first, I was a bit disturbed, thinking that either the cat was dead or I had finally lost the hearing in my "good" ear. Happily, she is still alive and I can still hear.

~Tallen, our resident comedian, has added a new stunt to his "Let's Make the White Coats Come Get Mama" agenda. At some point during the night (this is when he dreams up his best pranks), he thought up a real doozy. Something none of my other kids ever attempted. Props to Cota at age 10, for talking like Cartman from South Park for 2 straight weeks and nearly getting booted from summer camp because of it... Tallen has spent the entire morning ending all his sentences with an echo.

"Good Morning, Tallen."

"Good Morning, Mama. ((( Mama. ))) ((( mama. )))"

"I want some chocolate milk. ((( Milk ))) ((( milk )))"

You get the idea...

He's really good at this! It sounds like a real echo. He even fooled me the first couple of times. I thought, "Do I have fluid in my ear?" When he saw the confused/worried look on my face, he burst out laughing. Geez, I love that kid! His developing humor is so awesome. Hey, Jim Carrey, you got served!

~ Yesterday, when she saw me hand Tallen his cup, Ross said," Gimme that cup, Mama!"

Me~ "Do you want some milk, Ross?"

Ross, who started speaking at 7 months and ran with it~ "Gimme that cup, Mama! I need pop!"

Me, with an arched eyebrow~ " Pop? Ross, has someone been letting you have pop?"

Ross, looking busted~ {claps her hand together) Dang it!

She's such a dram queen... lol

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