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Green Thumbed Gorilla Wrestler

  At some point over the weekend, I re-injured my cracked rib. It's a toss up as to when it actually happened...

  Saturday afternoon, I carried 2- 25 lb. bags of potting soil out under the oak tree, came back to the house and moved my husband's ginormous Peace Lily out under the same tree. Then wrestled the huge, heavy, pot,  like a bear, until I finally made it release it's death grip on the plant, so I could re-pot it. Mission accomplished, I lugged the newly re potted plant back inside. It never fails... I get Cabin Fever and the first day it gets above 50 degrees, I run straight outdoors and find some new way to injure myself.

  Or...... It could have happened Saturday night, when I was giving Ross her bath. For some reason, she decided she wanted to stand, instead of sit, which makes me paranoid that she might fall. So it was a constant battle of my sitting her down and her standing back up. Finally, I needed her to sit so I could wash her hair. No go. Eventually, I had to get her in a football type hold, with just her head over the tub, so I could rinse her hair. She was not happy about this! So there I was, trying to hold an angry, thrashing, soapy, 20 month old, with the strength of 4 gorillas, under one arm, while holding a cup of water in the other hand, trying my best not to get any water in her eyes.  I finally got the job done. I don't think it scarred her emotionally, as she had to stop and wave at her towel covered self in the mirror, on the way out of the bathroom, and smiled as she said, " Hi, clean baby! Hi, clean baby!" Yeah, right! Like she had a thing to do with it! LOL

  At any rate, I awoke yesterday morning with a horrid pain in my rib, that became a sharp pain whenever I moved in any direction. It isn't any better today. Any man that says we women have it easy, keeping house and minding the kids, must have beans where his brain should be!

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