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Go Figure Friday or Things That Made Me Go "Hmmm..." This Week

~Octomom Gets $1 Million Porn Offer From Vivid Entertainment

 TMZ also reports that the movie company is offering her family dental and health care if she agrees to star in a series of films. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?! Suddenly, men find loose, stretch mark covered, belly flab sexy? To think that, for all these years. I have been self conscious and have taken extreme measures to hide the deflated, un-toned, crazy quilt of flesh, that used to be my tummy! This opens up a whole new world for me... No more dead bolting the bathroom door when I shower, to save hubs and the kids from accidentally seeing me naked and wanting to gouge out their minds' eyes with sporks.  No more wearing baggy shirts to hide my "mommy roll". No more sex with the lights off! And best of all, no more one piece bathing suits! It's bikinis exclusively now. I could never do porn but I think I might just send some of my bikini shots to Sports Illustrated. Look for me in the next swimsuit edition...

~ Rite- Aid is "Sorry"

  After my dealings with Coupon Nazi last weekend and my call to customer service, I received a call from the store manager. She said they had a store meeting to address the issue of how I was treated and how customers should be treated. She asked for my address, so she could send me a GC for the $5. that the coupon was worth. A couple of days later, I received a Hallmark card that said, "I'm Sorry!" , with the GC inside. Yesterday, I received a letter from customer support that contained another $5. GC. I'm still pouting right now, LOL I might grace them with an appearance next week, if something good is on sale...

~ Kinemy Territory

  Hubs and his siblings had a family meeting on Sunday to discuss how their mother's assets should be divided amongst them. After 3 hours hubs returned home. When I asked how the meeting went, he said they had decided that they need to have a meeting soon to discuss how to divide up their mother's assets. Coming from a family that needs a 3 hour meeting to come to the conclusion that the need to have a meeting might explain why Hubs needs 3 years notice to remember Valentines Day...

~ Diaper Cake

  I am making a diaper cake for my soon-to-arrive nephew's baby shower. My sister sent all the supplies over last night. I am very nervous about this and do not want to mess it up. I will post a pic of the finished cake. Also, I have never had a baby shower, even though I have given birth 5 times, so I have no idea about cutesy party favors, games, or what food to serve. As I am helping my sister pull this shower together, any and all suggestions are appreciated...

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