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An Award!

John, from Gay Dad's in Munchkin Land, gave me an award! I love reading his blog. This guy is SO hilarious! But, at the same time, he is a real softy that speaks (types) from his heart and is very genuine. Be sure to check him out!

  "this award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blogs content or design is, in the giver's opinion, brilliant."

  I'm tickled pink. Thanks, John!

  With this tag I have to list at least ten (10) honest things about myself, then pass it on!"

  Here are my 10 honest things ...

1) I have freakishly small hands. This has always caused me problems and great pains when using things made for "adult" hands. The same goes for my wrists. I buy my gloves and watches from the children's department. As a side note, my feet are pretty big. Strange combination...

2) I have the talent of immediately speaking with the accent of whomever I am speaking to. I don't even realize I am doing it at first. It just happens.

3) I sleep walk. It hasn't been so bad in the past few years. But when I am really stressed, it happens. The most recent experience was a few months back. I woke up freezing, after having dreamed that I had ushered this family of crazy hillbillies out of my house. In the dream, one lady refused to go, so I kicked her in the head. When I woke up feeling so cold, I went to the kitchen and found that the door was unlocked. I also noticed my big toe was throbbing with pain. I locked the door and headed back to bed, still disturbed by my dream.

  My husband woke up and I was telling him about the dream, just as I was saying, " and then, I kicked the b*tch in the head!", I felt my toe throb again. I looked down and blood was running from the top of my big toe! On closer examination, I found a huge hunk of tree bark stuck in my toe! Best we can figure, the lady I kicked was actually a tree out in the front yard lol. I have even driven the car in my sleep, but that is a tale for another day...

4) My hair is very, very, long. When I am sitting, it touches the chair seat. It is really annoying to take care of and I think of getting it cut everyday. But, I am afraid my face is too chubby for a short haircut...

5) I drink like two pots of coffee each day.  I have been drinking coffee since I was a little kid. I consider giving it up but I am afraid, after all these years, my head might fall off.

6) I sing A LOT. So do the kids. It's like a freaking musical around here most of the time. Back when it was just me, Renni, and Cina, we would sometimes arrive home from somewhere and just sit in the car for an hour or more, singing with the radio. 

7) I am now a .com and a .net . As in www. akissandapeck.com and www.akissandapeck.net  .

8) I have been in hiding. I am a fairly prominent figure in a certain crafting field. I do not mention it in my blog. I just felt like being ME for a while without that label. It's nice to get to talk about other crafts and other things that I love. I may introduce it to my bloggy world later but for now, I need a break.

9) Obviously, I don't use mine or my families common names on this blog. Am I afraid of stalkers? Not so much. I'm just know some real jerks, related and not related, that would find too much pleasure in reading my business each day.

10) My husband has two adult children that I detest. Mainly for a couple of reasons... 1. They are totally jealous of the kids that I had with their father and therefore have never made any effort to get to know them. 2. Despite the fact that they don't know Jack about my kids, their dad made the sad mistake of assuming they were human and told them about Tallen's problem.Then, they make fun of my son with Asperger's to other people and think I don't find out about. At any rate, I hope they spontaneously combust or something. Maybe that makes me a bitch but it's just how I feel.

Here are the 10 of the folks I think deserve this award.  I really think more deserve it. Just look at my Blog Roll lol











Please check these folks out! I haven't had time to let them know I have given them this award yet, so feel free to tell them that I am why you're snooping around LOL



  1. Loved your 10 honest things, and the new blog look! Congrats on the award, and thanks for giving me one, I am honored!

  2. Your 10 honest things cracked me up! And thanks for the award! So do I make a 10 honest things or something? lol, I'm such a blogging noob.

  3. Y'all are welcome! Yeah, just repost when you get a chance with your 10 honest things and pass the award to more folks that you think deserve it. : )

  4. thanks for the kind words. I love 2, i think that is so funny. Im from NY, now in Boston, and I talk with this NY Boston accent. Its very odd...lol

    coffee..whats to say, i totally relate. Very scared to give it up.

    we sing alot to over here. But were not very good. But I have a good time, and isnt that what matters in the end...lol

    sorry to hear about your step kids. That must be a real hard place to be in.

  5. Howdy! I found your blog through John's over in Munchkinland :) I love it! So much in fact, that I have added your widget to my blog ... I know many of my readers will love yours as much as I did today. :) Dave

  6. What an interesting list!!!! I'm so boring - and it takes me a long while just to think of stuff to list, lol!

    We want to see you with your hair down!!! I had pretty long hair before Alex was born and I let dumb husband #1 talk me into cutting it. Big mistake!!!

    I think you should email me your special craft because curiousity (aka noseyness!) is killing me!!!!

    I hear you on #9. There are some real jerks out there. I do use my real name and I know some of the jerkettes have googled me. Why some people would spend that much time tracking down someone they "hate" is beyond me. Some people are only tolerable when medicated - heavily!!

    Thank you for passing this on to me!

  7. Thank you so much for the award and for sharing your 10 honest things. I will definitely make my list.

  8. You're so sweet!!! Miss talking to ya...getting incredibly busy!! I pop in here randomly to see how things are going for you! HUGS!!

  9. Congrats on your well-deserved award and thanks for sending the love my way!

    I'm diggin your new look, by the way!!!


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