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Go Figure Friday or Things That Made Me Go "Hmmm..." This Week

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Here are this weeks head scratchers...

I think Tallen is trying to set me up...

  Yesterday morning, he was in a very talkitive mood. Telling me all about Middle School and how it works. (He's 5!) He told me how he needed to get on the bus with the girls and go there, as the teacher was expecting him. He made a joke! He picked up a piece of blank printer paper and said, "Mom, this is Casper." I am sure I looked confused. Then he said, " He's wearing camoflage!" I had to laugh.

  Then, out of the blue, he says," OK, Mama, we are driving to town and cutting down all the signs and bringing them back here. I'm going to give you a knife to cut the signs down with and I will be waiting in the car. OK?". 

  Can y'all say patsy? LOL

Ross has become SUPER posessive...

  Everything belongs to her now. I constantly hear, "NO, MomMom! Dat is not your (insert item here)! Dat is mine!!! Gib it to me!" She pats her hand on her chest as she says that last part. I realized this had gone too far,  yesterday, when the puppy had an accident.  I went to get the cleaning supplies and as I returned, she said, Hey, MomMom! Dat is not your trash bag! Dat is my trash bag!" I continued with what I was doing. Then I heard it, "NO, MomMom! Dat is not your dog poop! Dat is my dog poop! Gib it to me!" I had to laugh...

Cina has B. L. A. M. ( Belch Like A Man) disorder.

  It's sad really. Otherwise, she is such a sweet, well mannered, girl. She'll be doing busy work around the house, singing like an angel, then suddenly, "BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELCH!!!!!" The curtains blow around, pictures turn sideways on the wall, puppies run for their hiding places. This audio assault is always followed by a tiny, mouse like, "Excuse me..."


  1. kids are too cute...they say and do the funniest stuff!! and my three year old is in the MINE stage as well!!

  2. LOL... oh the things I have to look forward to...

  3. Thanks so much for visiting me on my SITS day!

  4. very cute...i left an award for you at my blog. Check it out

  5. Thank you for the HUGE laughs!! Your kids are a riot!!!!!


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