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Extreme Cakeover ~ Emergency Room Edition

   Extreme!, Extreme!, EXTREME!!, Cake decorating... I totally loved making the "butt" cake for the shower. Kneading the fondant was labor intensive and adding colors and working them in took a long time. Yes, my wrists ached terribly. But, as I watched the design coming together, I totally ignored the pain. After finishing the cake on Saturday morning, I went on with my usual routine and also worked on some more projects for the baby shower.

   After dinner on Saturday night, I was SO ready to get everyone settled into bed and then planned to crash as well. I had just put Ross to bed and, as I was leaving the room, I noticed an itching/cramping sensation in the wrist of my right hand. When I looks at my arm, I had a total panic attack! There was a huge, black, cigar shaped lump on my wrist. I had a hard time breathing as I showed hubs my wrist. I started to cry. You would have to have been there to understand just how much this appeared that I had burst some really important something or the other in my arm. I really though I might have seconds to live LOL

   Hubs, notorious for his under-reactions when it comes to my health, was underwhelmed...

"Put some ice on it..."

"What? ICE? ( sticking my arm out for him to get a better look) Have you ever seen anything like this, in your entire life?!"

"Well, no..."

"Well then, DOCTOR, at least pretend to be concerned!"

 I called Renni and she gave me a lift to the E R. I was taken back quickly and the doctor on duty seemed to think I might have broken my wrist. I explained to him that I was pretty sure it is impossible to break one's wrist while decorating a cake. He didn't seem to believe my cake story lol He wanted X-rays. As I predicted, nothing was broken. It seems that I had actually sprained my wrist and ,because I had ignored the pain and kept using it, the inner workings became really swollen and that, by simply bending my wrist, I had given myself a "crushing injury" that ruptured a blood vessel. The photos above look gross but they look really nice compared to the way my wrist looked on Saturday night. ( Sorry, I was too panicked to get pictures then) Now, that huge, pulsating, lump has gone down and I am just left with a nasty bruise.

  I was given a shot in the hip with pain medication and sent home in a sling, with orders to keep my wrist in that elevated position for 3 days and to not use that arm. Of course, I had lots of things to do yesterday and had to ignore doctor's orders. My arm still hurts a lot. But I must say, that cake was so worth it...

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  1. i would love to see the cake that caused this pain. WOW.


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