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Top Ten Thursday

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday! I created this meme to add a little bit of humor to Frump Day ( no longer Hump Day, not yet Friday...) If you would like to participate, just create your own Top Ten post about anything your heart desires and add the link below. Everyone is welcome to join in.  This should get really interesting...

Top Ten Pet Peeves ( In no particular order...)

1. People that end every sentence with, "You know?". Thus requiring me to respond to everything they say. This totally ruins my ~Pretend to be interested, while actually zoning out and thinking about fun stuff~ routine.

2.  Stacking washer/dryer combos. It's no fun to repeatedly get whacked in the skull by the dryer door, while trying to add/remove the laundry. ( I finally "fixed" this by taping a ponytail holder to the wall and hooking it over the latch.)

3. Teeth sucking, toothpick usage, or mouth smacking, at the table. I have to leave the room. ( that might count as three...)

4. People who just show up, without calling. This doesn't apply to family. Well, not all of them. Mostly neighbors and casual acquaintances, that have our phone number, but would rather show up and pound on the door, when I am up to my elbows in a poopy diaper, rather than just calling to find out what they need to know, or if it's a good time to stop by.

5. Doctors who ask, " How are you today?" I never know how  to respond. Do I tell the truth and say, " I feel like hammered sh*t, in a cold skillet, Doc." ? Or, do I lie and say, "Fine.", thus giving he/she the right to doubt me when I tell them how sick I am? "Well, you were 'fine' a minute ago, Mrs. X!". My usual response is, " Is that a trick question?"

6. Loose pants and silky bloomers, when worn together. Somehow, I never realize that I have made this mistake, until I'm miles from home and unable to change. There I go through Wally World, step, step, tug, step, step, tug!  I am so paranoid that security is watching me on camera, debating whether or not I am slipping things in my pockets. A belt might cure the problem but I don't own one. They tend to make me look like a sideways bow tie.

7. Stepping in something wet when I have no shoes on. It absolutely makes my skin crawl! Especially if I am wearing socks, which just absorb the liquid and add to the grossness.

8. Mothers that say, "Say I'm". I did this with my first baby for a while, then I realized how annoying it must be. For example, someone says, " My, you have a cute baby! How old is she?" and the mother, speaking in a squeaky voice, while looking at the baby, instead of the person asking the question,  replies, " Say I'm 15 months old!"

9. People who ask to  borrow big ticket items.

Example A: Believe this or not, there are actually "farmers" in our community that do not own even one piece of farm equiptment. I don't mean that they once had the equipment and lost it. They have never owned any! When it comes time to plant or harvest, they just go 'round to other farms and either borrow the tractor, planter, or plow that they need. Or worse, they play the  "I'm your neighbor and you should help me" card. Which pulls the farmer away from his own fields, in order to help them. Of course, the borrower never offers to pay for this with neither money nor labor.

Example B: There are people who borrow big ticket items and never return them. One jerk borrowed our canoe 4 years ago! He still hasn't returned it. He must think we bought that canoe, just for the sheer pleasure of sitting around and pondering the good times he is having with it. Hell, that's almost as satisfying as using it ourselves!. NOT! The same goes for our hay trailer, saddle, and countless other items. I love when we happen to bump into one of these people and hear, " Your XXXX is at the house, come by and get it anytime." Look, TURD FOR BRAINS, you drove to our house to borrow the item. Have the decency to drive to our house and bring it back!

10. The Snuggie! Yes, I am aware that this thing is all the rage right now. Aware, but not enthused. {whispers} Hey, if you want to look like a monk, just turn your robe around backwards! Don't you just love the part in the commercial when the lady is all toasty in her Snuggie, holding that poor baby outside of the Snuggie!? How cruel! I do plan to order one though! I figure the kids will do anything I ask, just to keep me from showing up at school functions, wearing that monstrosity!


  1. Hi from SITS!

    I cannot stand when people use toothpicks or pick at their teeth at the table - it's so rude. And, I'm with you on the Snuggie, it's just plain weird.

    Love your Top Ten Meme - I will definitely play along.

  2. OMG..that was too funny....i love number 5, i almost fell over. I relate to everything you said. I never quite got the snuggie either. Just turn your darn robe inside out if you like that kinda look. But then agin, what a great idea on buying one and wearing it to school functions...
    oh by the way, your friend lent me the canoe, and you can come over anytime you want to pick it up, as long as were not using it that day...lol

  3. AHAHAAAAA! The canoe comment totally made me snort laugh! I started out, years ago occasionally snorting when I laughed, just to be funny. Now, it sneaks in and I can't help it...

  4. I am not a Snuggie fan either... If I am cold i'll just put on a sweater, that's just me. My son was asking me to buy him a Snuggie the other day and I told him to put on a sweater, he responds "sweaters are not cool", so I respond "and the Snuggie is?", LOL!


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