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Just When I Thought We Had Reached An Understanding...

I've felt pretty good this week, so far. My wrist was feeling some better and I have had more energy than usual. I've even been Spring cleaning in the kitchen, doing a few of the tougher jobs each day. All my small appliances are sparkling. The sun was shining. Birds were singing, Sexy Egyptian men were hovering over me, waving fans, and feeding me grapes. Life was good. Blah, Blah, Blah...

  This all came to a screetching halt last night, compliments of Selly. She had been home since 4 p.m. and had acted like everything was normal. Around 8 p.m., I walked into the kitchen, just in time to see her and Cina break from a huddle and heard Cina whisper, "You better give that to her NOW!". Selly had a folded envelope in her hand...

Me: "What's going on?"
Selly: "Nothing."
Me: "Why all the secrecy? What were you girls talking about?"
Selly: "Nothing!"
Me: "What is that in your hand?"
Selly: "NOTHING!"
Me: "Look! I've just about got a craw full of your lies. Now, TELL ME WHAT YOU HAVE IN YOUR HAND!"
Selly: {quieter now) "A note from school."
Me: "Why wasn't this given to me when you got home today?"
Selly: "I-Un-Oh" ( That Tween Speak for "I don't know") {shrugs}

I reach out and take the envelope. It is addressed to myself and her father. I take a deep breath and open it. Inside, there is a pink slip. It is from the principle, informing us that Selly was involved in writing a note that contained profane and vulgar language in Math class.. It also lists the page number in the school handbook, where we can read exactly which rule she has broken. She has been assigned to In School Suspension on 3/25. We are supposed to sign the note and return it with her the next day.

I was/am so frustrated and angry. Did she learn nothing from the ordeal a few days ago? The first word that came to mind was," AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!". But instead, I took another deep breath and asked her to explain...

Me: "What is this all about?"
Selly: {talking at warp speed} " Well, this girl, uh, Samatha, was writing notes about this boy and uh saying she was gonna put her foot up his "A" and uh  she called him an uh "M Efer". And the teacher caught Samantha with the note and uh sent us to the office."

Does anyone else notice that there is a very important character missing from that story?

Me: "You were not given ISS tomorrow because Samantha got into trouble. What did you write on the note? I am not Samantha's mother."
Selly: "I-Un-Oh"
Me: {Sure that both my eyebrows were pointed up like arrows, aimed at my throbbing temples. The kids call this my crazy woman face) " Yes, you DO know! What did you write on the note?""
Selly: " I can't remember"
Me "Would you like me to help you remember?"
Selly: " I think I might have s..."
Me: " OH NO! Don't you dare think anything! You know what you wrote and I expect you to tell me."
Selly: " I wrote the "A" word. And I th..."
Me: {Crazy Eyebrows again}
Selly: "I wrote the "F" word."
Me: {sighing, almost reduced to tears of frustration at this point} "WHY? Why would you do this after the talk we had with you the other day. Why would you be passing notes in math class when you already have a bad grade there? You promised us that you were going to try harder. Do you just not care about your education?"
Selly: "I-Un-Oh"

I left the room, called her dad, and broke the news to him. When he got home, he really let her have it. He told her how disappointing this was. Since she loves to blame all of her bad behavior on her friends, they are no longer her friends and she is to part ways with them. She will not be going anywhere without adult supervision. No dances, no movies, no anything. She is to apologize to her teacher today.

I looked up the offense in the rule book and found that it is a Stage III offense and is right up there with bringing drugs and weapons to school. When a child commits a stage III, the school has the option of transferring that child to the correctional school for problem kids. I made her copy that rule ( it was really long) 10 times. I swear, when she brought me the finished work, she had tried to fool me by writing just the first and ending part of some of the paragraphs! She didn't think I would actually read them. I sent her back to do it right. It never stops!

This morning, Selly asked me if I had signed her note yet. I told her that I had not.She gets irate, " IF I DON'T TURN IT IN, I GET ANOTHER ISS FOR EACH DAY IT's LATE!" I already knew this... " Oh well. I guess we can be sure that, for at least a few days, you will have no choice but to sit quietly and do your work. Away from your friends, where they can't get you in trouble." Was that too harsh?

Today, it is rainy, my joints ache, and I am feel meaner than a sore tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. So much for my good week...


  1. Oh geez... I really have no idea how I'm going to handle situations like this. Guess I really need to slow down and not be in too big of a hurry for my girls to grow up!

  2. Eek! My head is throbbing with you just reading this.

    But wow, that's on par with drugs and weapons? She better be smart enough to behave and not pull that one again and the school send her off. I know she's a stinker, but it scares me the thought of her being sent off with the really rotten kids, and her pick up even more bad habits. :(

    (I'd have let her sit a few days in ISS too)

    Oh, I shudder to see what's waiting ahead for me in the tween years down the road...

  3. I am so glad that I decided to let her stew in ISS for a little while. She came home today and her sister told her that she seemed awful happy, considering she spent the day in ISS. She repled, "It wasn't so bad. It was actually kind of fun." It won't be so much fun today, since her friend won't be in there with her ( she brought her note back on time). Sheesh!

  4. laughing with you!! I swear, not at you. I have 16 year old boy our conversations go:
    I want my license
    me) you need to PASS school with a c average
    have a job and 1,100 dollars for insurance
    him) why?
    me)those are the rules
    me) because I have told you for forever those are the rule and guess what?
    him)*hopeful* what?
    me) *crushing and EVIL* they are still the rules
    him)you suck!
    him) can I get my license so I can get the 6 month provisional out of the way?

  5. That's a tough situation--my boys are 7 and 4 and my oldest has started hiding the papers he gets bad grades on. Sigh.

    (Popping in from SITS)


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