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Deer Tick Update!

Last night, I had told Hubs that i wanted to ride down to the bottoms with him, when he went to check on the cows and count new babies, as I was hoping to get some nice video. Yes, I felt like crap, but I was hoping the trip would take my mind off things. Yes, I was in my Myrtle Beach night gown. But, I live in the country and can wear my night gown outside at any time of day, as long as I am on my own property. Them's the rules! LOL

Anyway, after shooting video of all the new calves, as I sat there half-mindedly agreeing with hubs on the number of cows he thought he had counted so far ( Shhhh! I never really know for sure. He asks, "Now was that 14 cows I counted up in the mountain pasture?" and I just nod and say, "yeah".), I scratched an itch on the back on my leg, where my thigh meets the knee. I felt a little bump. I looked to find what looked like a tiny mole but what I feared to be another deer tick.. I kept digging and scratching and squeezing. I almost gave up because it was refusing to be removed and so I was pretty positive it was a mole. But I gave it one more try and sure enough, out came a deer tick! The dang thing was DEAD and no larger than the period at the end of this sentence. It was even smaller than the one I found the other day. Now I am pretty sure that it was the one that made me sick as the other one came right off and this one was completely embedded in my leg. I saved it. I am calling the doctor this morning to ask if they would like to have it for testing or something. The place where it was is extremely sore...


  1. we get deer in the backyard and Im always worried about deer tics. As much as I love seeing them, the tic thing is kinda freak. Thats scary that you got that sick. Keep us posted.

    oh, I do want to see the calves.....

  2. I would love to post some video of the calves. Trouble is, even though I was smart enough to purchase the doodad that lets me convert analog video to digital and then burn it to a disc, I have absolutely no idea how to or even what format to change it to, in order to upload to youtube etc...

  3. What font are you using? It looks fantastic.

    I used to go out to a small barrier island (in Georgia) and I hated the ticks. I always had them attacking me.

  4. Hey Leesa, the font is Papyrus.
    Re: Ticks... The regular size ones are a big enough pain but these near microsopic ones are making me lose sleep at night.

  5. I'm glad you got it off and yuck I hate bugs!


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