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Clairol Haircolor Giveaway

When I blogged about coloring my hair yesterday, it gave me the idea for this giveaway. I know how much better I feel, when I change my hair color or cover my roots. I have a huge issue with spending $40 or $50 at the salon. Yeah, I know I'm worth it, but I'd still feel guilty if I spent that kind of money on myself. Since I'm sure there are lots of other gals out there in the same boat, I'm giving away a coupon, good for Any One Clairol Haircolor Product absolutely free. It's a little wrinkly because I have been toting it in my purse, but it is still usable. This coupon expires 06/30/2009 and is good for either Pefect 10, nice'n easy, natural instincts, Balsam lasting color, or root touch-up.

Because I find it SO annoying to have to follow someone, just to enter a contest, I will make this simple. To enter, just leave a comment on this post. If you want to follow me, because you find me funny and intriguing, please do so, but it isn't required. The winner will be chosen by some fair and random process and will be posted here, next Tuesday afternoon. Deadline to enter is Tuesday, May 26 at 12 PM EST. The winner will have 48 hours to send me their mailing information via email. If they fail to do so, I will pick a new winner.

Following, Twittering, or rubbing my feet (Kicks Renni in the rear, "Get off the floor and stop groveling! Family members aren't eligible to win!"), will not increase your chances of winning. I am not responsible in any way for what you might do to yours or anyone else's hair, with the color you purchase with this coupon. In other words, make yourself look like Einstein, I don't know you...

Good Luck!


  1. "I am not responsible in any way for what you might do to yours or anyone else's hair, with the color you purchase with this coupon."
    You made me laugh again. I love visiting you and I look like Einstein when I don't color my hair! If you pick me, I'll tell you how sexy you are and how great your butt looks in your jeans.

  2. I hear ya!! I don't think I've ever spent that kind of money on something like hair! There are too many things I need more!

  3. I am glad to hear that even though we are worth it, I am not the only one that refuses to pay a salon to color my hair. I have done my own for years! (And the hairdresser that I allow to cut my hair says that I color as well as he does.)


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