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Was My Face Red! Wednesday

Was My Face Red! Wednesday

Welcome to Was My Face Red! Wednesday! Most of us have, at one time or another, done something so humiliating, that we wished the floor would open up and consume us. Let's swallow our pride and share those moments with others! Our shame was not in vain, if it can put a smile on someone face! You tell me yours, and I'll tell you mine...

  Everyone is welcome to participate. Just leave the link to your WMFR post below.

Flash Dance (Without the Dancing)

  It was the summer of 1992. I had been married to Cina's dad, Pompous Ass, just a few short weeks. Cina wasn't even a thought, at that time. P. A. was in the Army and had to return back to base, shortly after we tied the knot. I planned to move to Fort Bragg and join him, but we were waiting to find housing first. So, I remained in Virginia, in an old farm house that I rented, just up the dirt road from my Mother-In-Law.

  P.A. and I missed each other terribly. We were burning up the phone lines. We wanted to see each other so badly, but he wasn't allowed to leave the base at the time and my car was broken down, so I couldn't go see him. Well, MIL decides that we should see each other and makes the very sweet offer to buy me a bus ticket to Fort Bragg ( This was before she started breathing fire and eating villagers for breakfast.)  She even offered to keep Renni and Cota for me, who were 5 and 3, at that time. We loaded up the kids and she drove me to the nearest bus station.

  I was dressed very nicely that day. I wore a cute little dress with a Spandex top that bared my shoulders and back and hooked behind my neck, sort of like a tank top, but not. The skirt part of the dress was made of linen in a flowered pattern and had lots of flouncy layers. It was a scorcher that day and so my legs didn't start sticking together in the heat (I know EWWWWW!), I wore pantyhose. I did NOT wear panties, as the hose had them built in. We arrived at the Greyhound station and I took Cota inside with me, while Renni waited in the car with MIL.

  We walked into the little hole in the wall bus station and it was wall to wall Mexican men. I think they were immigrants, taking a bus to a new location. Well, they were talking away to each other in Spanish, I couldn't understand a word. Holding Cota's hand, I approached the counter and told the lady I needed a ticket for Fort Bragg. Well, this took forever, as every option had me waiting over for ages at other bus stations and changing buses. It was going to take me double the time that the trip would have taken by car. While we're trying to hash out the details, I noticed that all the talking in the room suddenly stopped. I don't remember caring why, I was just glad it was quiet. There was no AC running in the station and I was roasting, after standing at that counter for almost thirty minutes. Not to mention, I was also trying to hold on to Cota's hand, while he was swinging around my legs like a monkey and trying to break free.

 Well MIL must have gotten curious as to what was taking so long. I didn't hear her walk in, but I did hear her scream, "Cota! What are you doing?!" I turned my head and looked down. There stood my sweet, darling, three year old son, holding up the back of my dress, baring my ass to the world! I could have died! I guess the pantyhose and the lack of any AC, kept me from feeling any sort of breeze when he did this. Now I understood why the men had fell silent so suddenly. The weasels were just sitting there, gawking at my rear, and not one had the decency to let me know. I was so humiliated. MIL decided that it would be faster to just drive me to Fort Bragg. I think she secretly worried that I might end up on the same bus as those men...


  1. Oh, oh my, that, well, that is so funny (and embarrassing)!

  2. Yeah, gotta love 'em. I saw adoption agencies flash before my eyes...


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