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Girls Night Out

Since Renni and my sister, Worra, took me out for my birthday, it has become sort of a standing date, every week. This is good because I have basically been a huge homebody for the last six years or so. It's nice to get a break from the kids and life in general, for a few hours a week. Renni's fiance also comes along as he is our driver lol Each of us girls can drive, but it is more fun to be escorted. We usually go out to dinner or lunch somewhere and then go shopping. Our restaurant experiences just keep getting more and more strange...

Last night, we decided to go to Ruby Tuesday. Renni was tired of Mexican food, plus she had a BOGO entree coupon from the paper. I had a $25.00 gift card that had been given to Hubs and me as a Christmas gift, 2 years ago. I had never eaten there before, but had such high hopes. We were seated in a booth. Renni and Fiance on one side, Worra and I on the other. I had to go in first, as Worra is left handed and always wants to be seated on the outside. Worra excuses herself to the restroom and tells me that if they come for the drink order, she wants Coke. I order her drink for her, while she is gone. I finally decide to try a steak and everyone else around the table decides to order the same. Renni orders for herself and Fiance and gives the waitress the coupon. Worra tells the waitress what she wants and also tells her that I will be having the same. Worra also orders an appetizer of Southwestern Egg Rolls.

A salad came with our meal. Worra and I went to the salad bar first, leaving Renni and Fiance to watch our purses. The salad bar had a lot to be desired, as there wasn't a lot of choices and several of the toppings were empty. Our steaks arrive at the table and Worra asks about the appetizer she ordered, the waitress says she forgot to order it and that we can have it for free, if we still want it. Well duh. Of course, we took it. In short, the steaks were tough, the broccoli was under-cooked and had some funky seasoning on it, and there was no bread. I have never served steak and broccoli together. I'm wondering if the broccoli is supposed to be a cheap replacement for a roll or Texas Toast...The best part of the meal was the baked potato. But heck, who can mess up a baked potato?

Anyway, the appetizer finally arrived and I was the lucky diner that bit into the Southwestern Egg Roll that contained a peppery/horseradish/Country Satan's Secret Sauce combination. It brought tears to my eyes. My tongue tried to crawl back in my throat and hide from the assault. I know it was a special one because Cina ate the leftovers that I brought home and her's weren't spicy at all.

Worra decided to order a dessert. She asked for a chocolate chip brownie thing that came with a scoop of icecream on top and was drizzled with caramel. Sorry I can't remember the name. The waitress looks at me and asks, " Would you like me to double that?" I say "Yes." She looks to Renni and she says, "Well have the same." So we wait, fully expecting that we are about to receive FOUR desserts. Well, as is becoming the case, whenever we go out, I'm sure you already can guess that's not what happened...

The waitress arrives with dessert. She extends to me the longest plate I have ever seen. This thing was like a foot long, with brownie on one end, ice cream on the other, and caramel syrup drizzled on the plate between them. I think it odd that she keeps trying to sit it between my sister and me. Worrs says, " You have to share that with me." Thinking she is just being a smart ass, I say, " I'm not sharing anything with you, eat your own damn brownie!". The waitress then sits an identical desert between Renni and Fiance and walks away. (I am real slow to catch on sometimes...) I'm like, "Where are the rest of the desserts?". Renni points to the plate between her and Fiance and says, " We are sharing, because we are a couple."  Still confused, I ask, "OK. But where is Worra's dessert?" . Worra is shaking, in silent laughter. Then it hits me. The waitress thinks that Worra and I are a couple. HUBBAWHA?   

 This completely blows my mind  plus lets me know that the waitress is a total dingbat. Yes, we were sitting next to each other. Yes, we walked to the salad bar together. Yes, I ordered her drink and she ordered my entree. HOWEVER, we look like freaking twins. So much alike that, when Worra was visiting me at the hospital, after Tallen was born, she exited the elevator early one morning and a panicked nurse screamed at her, "Who's with the baby?!" So much alike, that complete strangers approach me and say, "You have to be Worra's sister!" and the same thing happens to her, in reverse. I can't believe that this lady never even noticed.

  Finally, we ask for separate tickets. She quickly asks, "Two and two?"  and then dashes away, before we can correct her. When she came back to the table, I told her, Excuse me, you misunderstood, my SISTER'S and my tickets are separate. Oh well, despite all the confusion and hassle that we sometimes run into, we usually get a good laugh out of it and that is the important thing.     

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