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Little Rays of Sunshine

Little things I tucked away in my brain this week, that are making me smile today...

SonyaAnn calling her cat Vomit VonShits. That has to be one of the funniest cat names/insults that I've ever heard...

Seeing Ross trying to match Tracy Turnblad step for step, while watching Hairspray for the millionth time...

Tallen, upon hearing the music, springing into the room, naked as a jaybird, and also matching Tracy Turnblad, step for step...

Telling Tallen that he should put on some pants because none of us really wanted such a good view of his "stuff."
He shrugged and asked, "What stuff?"

Cina ( I've decided that my real daughter was switched at birth and I brought home the baby of some brainy professor), says to him, in her Teacher Tone, Your Peeeeeenis, Tallen." 

"Please do NOT teach him that word.",  I whisper/screamed.

(Normally, I am an advocate of teaching kids the correct names for their body parts. But, not with Tallen. Now, he'll be asking everyone he passes at Walmart if they have a peeenis like his. Men and women. Thanks, Cina!)

Tallen looks down at his naked straddle and stares closely for a few seconds...

That's not a penis! It doesn't have any fuzz!" I have no idea...

I downloaded Google Earth for Tallen, a few days ago. He thinks it's the bomb! We were all shocked, a couple of nights ago, when they were showing a view of the solar system. Tallen ran over to the TV and pointed to all the planets and told said their names. He got them all correct. He must have learned that from Google Earth.

One thing I love about Tallen is that he does all these amazing things and it is never with the intent of showing off. He really doesn't care if people notice how smart he is. He learns and does things for his own pleasure, not for praise. He's never like, "Hey, guess what I know!" or "Look what I can do!" Most of the amazing things that we see him do are only because we happen to overhear him, talking to himself. I am so blessed to know him and to be able to say he is my son.

Tomorrow is Ross' 2nd Birthday! Seems like she has been here way longer than two short years. Due to illness and crappy party planning on my part, I still have no clue if I will have a combo Selly/Ross birthday party this weekend or next...


  1. Mrs. Sonya Ann sent me over. Enjoyed your post today! Happy Friday and happy weekend!

    Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

  2. love the cat name. and I love Tallen...lol. Keep having him watch all those educational programs, you will be amazed at how much they pick up...its almost scary...lol

  3. Peeeeeenis! Your kids are too funny. I wonder where they get it from.

  4. Found you through Sonya Ann. This was a great post! Happy Birthday to Ross! My young'uns are a bit older than yours, but I remember the 2s and the 3s. They were fun.

    I read through a couple of your other posts as well. Hope your SIL is feeling better. What a horrible experience, and how scary for you!

  5. OMG!!!!! I have a link on your page, I'm special! Love, love, love YOU! (in a good way or not so good way, what ever you like)

  6. What great kiddos you have! Happy Birthday to Ross!!

  7. Hi visiting from sits! :)

    The name of your blog has me singing an old song, "Bushel and a Peck" and now my husband thinks i'm crazy. Thank you! :)


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