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Shaken, Not Stirred

Sorry, the last thing I want to become is that boring chick who is always rambling on about her medical issues. I just needed to post an update on the MRI...

Hubs took me today and Renni watched the babies. We swung through the drive-thru at Walgreens and picked up the nerve pill that cost me $11.00. For one freaking pill! Anywho, the pharmacist said that it would take 30 minutes to start working. Well, he was a liar. I was still antsy and nervous inside the machine, not to mention that I kept feeling as though I was choking on my own spit.Here's what amazes me. I was feeling pretty OK before getting into that tube, but when I was slid out of the thing, I ached so bad that I could not even sit up by myself. My back, legs, and arms, were all completely locked up and throbbing with pain. The technician acted as though this surprised him. I guess he never learned in medical school that taking someone with joint and bone problems, stuffing them in a metal tube, making them stay completely still for an hour, while you vibrate the ever living shit out them, might lead to some discomfort...

At any rate, I am SO glad that it's over. BTW, that dang pill did not actually kick in for about 2 hours. I came home to find that sweet Renni and her fiance were mowing the grass and had also bought Chinese take-out. I sat down on the sofa, ate some fried rice, and that is the last thing I remember until I woke at 12:30 A.M.

I will probably be posting a lot of randomness over the next few days, as I start getting back test results etc... My blog is my therapy.


  1. So that is why you were up so late like I was. I don't mind reading if you blog about your medical issues. I hope that when I drone on about my past surgeries, etc someone will listen. I have taken valium once in my life, right before another unpleasant procedure. It did not work. sigh. Hmmm chinese rice. nice. I can't believe I got frist comment at SITS. I am a night owl on the weekend but get snoozy by 10 on a weeknight, so it wont happen too often

  2. My youngest son had to have an MRI when he was 5. They sedated him for the procedure and I was allowed to sit in the room for the duration of the test. It is so loud and I was a nervous wreck waiting for it to be over. I can't imagine having to lay there for that long.

    Take care!


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