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Here are a few random things that are on my mind today...

Ima Skeered!

I'm not calling in TAPS just yet, mainly because, should my house ever be on TV, it would most likely be an episode of How Clean Is Your House. A lot of you will probably think I am crazy, but just humor me and let me ramble...

Logically, there is really no reason that our house should be haunted. It was built from scratch, by my husband's own hands. But knowing that, doesn't make the things that have been happening any less disturbing. I will try to put it into words.

 When Tallen was a toddler, we would hear him burst into breathless laughter. The kind of laughter you get when you surprise a baby and do something funny at the same time. Like Peek-a-Boo or pretending you are going to "get them". We would find him, either laying down or sitting up, but always staring up toward the ceiling. Like he was looking at an adult figure that we couldn't see. There would be a pause for him to catch his breath, and then he would start laughing again. It was creepy, to say the least. Later on, he started talking to an invisible man named Frank. He would get angry, screaming,"Frank, give that back! That's my toy, not yours! Go away!" This passed after a while and we never heard of Frank again.

But, even before Tallen was born, others of us had witnessed some pretty strange things. One day, the girls and I were outside and distinctly heard Hubs yell my name. The voice was from down in the bottoms. Thinking his tractor had broken down, Selly and I hopped in the car and hurried down there. We arrived to find that Hubs was nowhere on the place. There wasn't a soul down there. I later found out that Hubs had been in town all that afternoon, trying to find a tractor part. All four of us had plainly heard him call out my name. Of course, Hubs said we were crazy. Similar things have happened many more times over the years, when we are outside, everyone there always hears the same thing.

Many times, one of us will be watching TV in the living room and from the corner of our eye, catch someone looking around the doorway into the kitchen. Like just peeking around the corner to see what is happening. These episodes are so real that usually we assume that it is another family member in the kitchen and call out to them, maybe asking them to bring us a drink or something. Only to find that no one is there. Our floors make a distinctive sound when someone walks through the house. Often times, when using the computer in the wee hours of the morning, I will hear one of the kids walk up behind me, stand there for a second, like looking over my shoulder, then walk away. I turn to ask why they are out of bed and there is no one there. Other family members have the same experience, except for Hubs, of course.

Well, over the last year, I have dealt with lights turning themselves on, phone lines being unplugged, and my sewing machine being unplugged while I am using it. I, along with others who were here at the time, saw a spoon fly out of a bowl and land about four feet away. We also saw a digital camera come straight out a few feet from the top of the roll top desk and then drop to the floor. If I were alone when I saw these things, I probably would have committed myself to an institution. But I wasn't alone, others saw the same things that I did.

Around six months ago, maybe more. I was startled from sleep one night, by Tallen beating on my bathroom door. He was yelling, " You come out of there! Who are you?! Tell me your name!" I thought that maybe one of us had accidentally closed up the dog or cat in the bathroom and their scratching at the door was annoying him. He cannot open the door to my bathroom as I have one of those safety knob covers on it. He has free access to a smaller bathroom, where there is nothing inside that he might harm himself with. Anyway, as I start to open the door, he tells me that there is a man in there who will not tell him his name. I open the door and find nothing. This happened again on another night. I awoke to Tallen pounding on that door, demanding that the man tell him his name. He says," That man is in there again, Mama! I am sorry. I tried to stop him but he floated past me and went though the door."

 A couple of weeks ago, he had a similar experience, chasing an unseen "man" into the pantry.  A couple of us followed him in there. He pointed up to the corner of the room, " He got away! He went out right there."

 Well, yesterday morning, before daylight, Tallen came to where I was sleeping and woke me. Shaking my arm, he says, "Mama, Mama, wake up! You've got to help me! There's a ghost in your bathroom!" This gave me pause as Tallen has never used the word "ghost" to describe what he sees. He usually calls it, "that man". My eyes are crossing. Still half asleep, I mumble, " It's fine Tallen, just stay here with me." But, he won't be ignored. "No, Mama! You have to get him out of there! He won't tell me his name! He keeps opening and slamming the door! He's bothering me! You have to tell him to stop!." As if that wasn't creepy enough, our little dog is barking like crazy at the bathroom door. I DID get up with Tallen. I DID need to pee. I DID NOT open that bathroom door until everyone else in the house was awake with me. LOL

Also, one morning last week, I was in the bedroom and heard the kitchen door closing. It startled me for a second, as Hubs was supposed to be gone. But, I heard his distinctive cough and my heart settled down. He must have forgotten something and came back for it, I thought. I heard Ross, who was in the living room, shouting, " C'mere Daddy! C'mere! Gimme a hug!" That is her usual greeting for him. I heard him cough two more times but he never answered Ross. Thinking it strange that he would just ignore her, I made my way to the kitchen. HE WAS NOT THERE! The door was still locked.

Finally, the last couple of months, I have been seeing this figure of about 3.5 feet tall, moving around the house. The first time, I was at the kitchen table and saw it walk across the living room. Thinking it was Tallen, I went to see why he was awake, and found him sound asleep. This happened a few more times, I saw it walk across the end of the hallway, into the kitchen, I saw it walk across the kitchen as I watched from the dining room table. Hubs laughed. Then Selly saw it come down the steps and go through the doorway, into the hall. Hubs laughed, again. Cina has also seen it. The best description I can give of it, is that it is a short, dark, blob. It's a few inches taller than Tallen. Like as tall as the top of my husband's head, if he were sitting down on the sofa. Sorta shaped like Cousin It. It moves quickly and then just dissipates. When I arrived home from Girls Night Out, a couple of weeks ago, Hubs told me, "I saw it!"

Confused, I'm like, "Saw what?"

"Your little friend." He said.

"My friend?"

"Yes, The Blob. I saw it go from that corner there, then out the living room door into the dining room. Then it moved around the table, floated past the picture window, and vanished." He was dead serious.

"NOW, do you believe us?!"

"Yes. I don't know what the hell it is, but I for sure saw it this time, and it is definitely something."

  Then there are the smells. Sometimes, it is the awful smell of sulphur. It will almost knock you down, then it just disappears. Other times, it is a cigar, or cherry pipe tobacco. Sometimes, it is a floral smell.

 I have no idea why these things are happening. As I said, the house was built from scratch by Hubs, and no one has ever died here. The property does have some history. We know for a fact that it was once inhabited by the Saura tribe. Then, the Cherokee took over the land. Then white man displaced the Cherokee. I have loads of arrowheads, blades, and pottery pieces, etc..., that I have collected during walks.

 There are a couple of old houses on the property that were once occupied by share croppers. They now sit empty. About 75 years ago, a man passed out drunk, in the woods here, and froze to death. His loyal dog remained with him for the few days that it took someone to locate him. Apparently trying to wake him, the dog had chewed the man's nose clean off. Over the years, that spot was cleared of trees, and now our driveway runs over it.

 Also, maybe 20 years ago, down on the bridge, just past the other end of our drive, a man and his wife were out riding horses. They had dismounted, to look over the bridge, down at the river. When they went to get back on their horses, just as the wife put her foot in the stirrup and was about to climb up, something spooked her horse and it took off. Her foot was hung in the stirrup and she flipped upside down, banging her head on the pavement. The horse dragged her for a long way. She died of her injuries.

 Also, we have a lot of antique furniture in the house. For example, in my bathroom, there is an old dressing table, that belonged to my husband's grandmother. Her Mother had given it to her, when she first set up housekeeping. We placed a piece of glass on top and hung a mirror over it. It is used daily, as it holds towels and grooming items. The sewing machine that I use, belonged to Hub's aunt Martha. It is very old and is in a beautiful cabinet. She gave it to Hubs when she had to go into a nursing home. She passed away about three years ago and was well into her 90's.  I started using it last year.  It  took me several days of work to get it back into working condition. It is persnickety and temperamental, but I love using it. I sometimes wonder if she is the one unplugging it, just to be funny.

 I often wonder if what we are seeing are just residual beings, attached to some of the older items we have in the house. Or maybe, old friends and relatives, stopping by to say "hello". Or, is it a little bit of both? I am not terrified. Just a bit uneasy and curious at the same time...

Thanks For Nothing!

  Early last week, I saw a review on another blog, for toddler shoes that squeak, whenever the child puts weight on their heel. This serves the dual purpose of A. helping you easily track down your child, whenever they make a break for it, and B. It rewards them with a squeak! for walking correctly. I was so excited as I know these shoes would be great for Tallen. He, like so many other kids on the Spectrum, walks on his toes. Physically, there is no reason that he can't walk normally. But something in his brain keeps him on his toes. I get so tired of complete strangers, who don't know how to mind their own business, asking him, " Why don't you get off those toes, boy?" Considering how much he loves  the squeaky sound, made by some baby toys, I just knew these shoes could help him. But alas, they only came in toddler sizes. 

  Thinking it couldn't hurt to ask, I emailed the company. I explained Tallen's situation and also pointed out that there are lots of other children with the same problem. I asked if they would consider making a pair in Tallen's size for us to try. I told them that if the shoes did do the trick, I would be happy to scream it from the tree tops, letting everyone know about their great shoes, and what they did for Tallen. Unless, of course, this wasn't an avenue of production that they wished to pursue any further. Then I would just be eternally grateful and forever in their debt.

  Now, while I knew this was a shot in the dark, and odds were that it wouldn't happen, I at least expected a reply to my email. Write and tell me that you're not interested. Write and tell me that it is the stupidest idea ever! But at least have the decency to reply. Thus far, I have heard nothing. I am really annoyed...

 Hairy Up!

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  1. I don't know what to tell you about your seemingly supernatural goings on. But I guess it's good to know you aren't the only one seeing those things. What a relief that must be.

    About the shoes, google and see if you can find out other email, snail mail addresses for that shoe company. See if you can find the name of the CEO. It may very well be that the if the shoes are made outside of the United States, you may not be able to get a response. But I would definitely find alternative means of contacting them. I would think they would want to know about a potentially untapped source of customers. And chances are they would have a monopoly on the market, if indeed you can't find another source for a similar shoe in your child's size.

  2. While I am not a big believer in hauntings, I AM a big believer in the idea that there are many things in this world that I do not know or understand. I think the good thing in all of this is that whoever or whatever is in your home does not sound like it is trying to terrorize you. Your experiences are really interesting and I hope you don't stay too skeered.

  3. Stop creeping me out!!!! God woman don't I have enough problems.

  4. LOL Sonya Ann! How do you think I feel?
    Frances, I am inclined to believe that maybe it is a residual type "haunting". Like a scratch on the record of days gone by and the same things keep playing over and over. I once heard that that happens more often where there is a high concentration of quartz in the area. That quartz is a "recorder" and that is why it is used in so many electronics. If that is so, it would make sense as we do have a lot of quartz in these parts. I have never felt really frightened or that we were in any sort of danger. Just creeped out at the unknown.
    Lola, from what I could tell, this is a small company. I am going to wait another week for an email and then maybe try calling them.

  5. Ok, that totally creaped me out!!! I don't believe in ghosts perse but I do think there is a spiritual realm that we really know nothing about.

  6. Dan River Mama, my sister has lived with/near a Lakota Sioux reservation for years and is very involved with their culture. She is a firm believer that we are surrounded by the spirits of our ancestors where ever we are. She believes they are here to watch over us. I'll just say a little prayer that this is the case with your visitors.


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