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Go Figure Friday or Things That Made Me Go "Hmmm..." This Week

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Here are this week's head scratchers and such...

Only Tallen Would Describe Flatulance This Way

I have older brothers. I can recall them making a huge scene about passing gas. Raising their leg and laughing, as we girls begged them to stop and held our noses. Silently, I willed them to crap their pants. Filthy animals. I eventually just settled to the fact that this was a guy thing and there was no breaking them of it ( unless of course, they really did accidentally poop on themselves, I say that would silence The Toothless One with Bad Breath, for a while at least. lol )

Well , late the other night, Tallen came strolling into the living room, and said, "Daddy, did you hear that?" Hubs asked, "Did I hear what?" Tallen smiled and said, "There are sounds coming from my body." Holding back a giggle, I asked, "Tallen, are these sounds coming from your rear.?" He smiled even bigger and proudly replied, "Yes! They are coming from my rear! They're very loud and I am not sure what is causing those sounds to happen..."

I just love how innocent Tallen is. Everything is just so matter of fact with him. He can have us rolling in the floor laughing, yet has absolutely no idea that he is even being funny.

She Ain't Gonna Fit In That Box...

Most folks know that I have an almost zero relationship with my mother. Though I haven't posted all the stories of this woman that I could, most folks also know why I have a an almost zero relationship with my mother. Anyway, she shows up here, once in a blue moon. The cool thing is, Tallen can tell her what he thinks and she knows better than to say anything to him. Like, when she showed up, having noticeable gained like 20 lbs. Tallen said, "Hay Grammy, what happened to your size?!

Anyway, exiting left for a second, whenever Hubs says that he is taking his dogs hunting, Tallen sees the tailgate lowered and the dogs jump up into their traveling cages or "dog boxes". Anytime Hubs has asked Tallen if he would like him to take him hunting with him, Tallen has quickly said no. Just as well because I wouldn't let Tallen go, for love nor money, anyway. But, it wasn't until my mother came for a visit, that I realized just why Tallen was so quick to decline a hunting trip...

My mother had came by on an evening that Hubs had plans to go hunting, he had already invited Tallen and been turned down. When he got ready to leave, he did the country thing and looked at my mother and said, "Well, come on and go hunting with me!" Before she could answer, Tallen piped up and said, "She can't go! She's too big to fit in that box!" Her face was priceless! That's when I realized that Tallen thought that if Daddy takes you hunting, you ride in the dog box! LOL

Can Y'all Say Bull Shit?!

 Some of you might have witnessed last week as as blogger, who faked the pregnancy of a terminally ill baby, it's home birth, and eventual death a short time later. Her cover was blown, when she posted dark pictures of "the baby" and a reader just happened to have the very same doll. BUSTED!!If you didn't, I suggest searching the term Little April Rose, clicking on cache, and catching up. Apparently, she has now admitted to the whole thing and given her side to the media  http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2009/06/11/20090611BabyScam.html

She claims to have attained no financial gain from the farce. I have trouble believing that as, I alone, located over 20 blogs, where she had commented with an "unclickable" user name on April 6th, giving the link to the April Rose blog and asking folks to pray for the mother and child. This was done using several names, over several days. Always directed toward commenters of a tribute blog, or a blog where someone was grieving a loss. She would always make a point to tell them that the poor mother had always prayed for their "insert name here" i.e. whoever the blog was about.

I have read where some folks say she needs prayers and that she did help raise awareness. That doesn't fly with me. While folks were wasting their time, falling for her garbage, they could have been helping a mother who really did need their support. She should be ashamed. of course, someone who could hurt so many, probably does not have the capacity to feel that emotion.

I live far away from this woman. I hope to hear that someone closer finds her and slaps the ever living shit out of her!

P.S. SHE'S A FREAKING SOCIAL WORKER! How comforting is that...

P.P.S. Sorry, it seems she lied about being a Social Worker. Thank Goodness!

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