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Why Tallen Will Not Be Attending Public School

I'm absolutely not suggesting that all public schools are horrible. I'm just saying that I'd rather not take the chance of something bad happening.

I am so upset and crushed, after learning for the first time today, how another 5 year old boy with Autism, who was in the process of being diagnosed with Asperger's, was treated at school. The story made me sick to my stomach and also made me cry. All I could think of while reading it, was Tallen and how I would feel if he were done this way

Here is the original story...

Amazingly, she is getting her job back!


Please, for Alex, for Tallen, for all children with disabilites, please sign the petition at the second link posted and let the St. Lucie County School District know that this won't be tolerated.


  1. It is so sad that anyone, much less a teacher, would do this to a child!! You and Tallen are in my prayers, as well as all children with disabilities.

  2. That story is appalling. The teacher should be suspended without pay at the very least. How ignorant can she be?

  3. For some reason I remember this story vaguely. I signed the petition, but for some reason it didnt go through. Not sure if it has to be approved.

    My feeling is, it shouldnt even matter if the child had a disability, this women should not be teaching kids if she felt that was an ok thing to do.

    The fact the child had a disability makes it even worse, and she probably should of contacted a better lawyer and sue the pants of the school district.

    This truly is horrible to give her back her tenure....

  4. I don't understand how they will allow someone that is willing to humiliate and abuse a child continue to teach. What other things has she done that haven't been caught? Teachers not only teach but leave an emotional imprint on children. What imprint is she leaving on all the kids she comes into contact with? My first grade teacher would grab a "bad" student by the arm and lift them up until they were dangling and then hit them. The problem was corporal punishment was against the law. I'm 37 and I still remember it. I was always afraid of teachers because of her.
    I hope they vote that bitch out of the school!

  5. That is so sad how we are suppose to trust these people with our children and this is how they are treated. My God the poor child will be scared for life. This is devistating and breaks me heart.


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