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Just a few things knocking around my skull...

Communal Shoes?

Strange thing about being a mother, the kids think that what's theirs is theirs and what's yours is theirs, especially those of the female, teenage variety.

I have a strong aversion to tromping around barefoot. Inside, outside, no difference. This just came about in recent years. I used to hardly ever wear shoes. At any rate, I have a pair of black Crocs knock-offs that I wear all the time. Adding to their ugliness is their faux fur lining. I don't even put my feet to the floor in the mornings, I put them straight into these shoes. One would assume that a teenager wouldn't be caught dead in my ugly shoes. But teenage laziness overpowers teenage fashion sense, whenever the girls need to run outside for something. Not wanting to tie their own shoes, they ask, "Mom, can I borrow your black shoes?" They're already slipping their feet into them, before I can answer.

Taking out trash, feeding and watering the pets, taking pictures, planting flowers, walking to the pool,(probably splashing in mud puddles) you name it, they wear my shoes to do it. Heck, even Hubs slipped his feet into them one night, when he forgot to bring in something from the truck! At any rate, now they smell like something crawled into them and died. I am now wearing my canvas Keds. I'm going to park those rotten shoes by the door and let them have them. Something tells me that, before long, I will hear, "Hey, Mom! Can I borrow your Keds?"

Ross the Mood Lifter

This kid rocks! She can make even the most mundane task fun. Whether combing my hair (which take forever, I should probably do it in shifts LOL) or folding laundry, I do it to the soundtrack of Ross, clapping her hands in rhythm and chanting, "Go, MomMom! Go,MomMom!" Where she picked this up, I am not sure, but it's very inspiring!

Also, whenever I enter the room, she shouts, " And now, here's MomMom!" She makes a sweeping motion with one arm, then erupts in applause. I feel like a rock star!

Tallen is Becoming Empathetic

Lately, he has become very aware of other peoples feelings. He actually feels bad if he causes someone pain or hurts their feelings. He is also being very polite. It just happened overnight and is taking some getting used to. 

The other morning, he said he was thirsty and I offered him the remainder of my can of soda. To my amazement, he said, "I was really thinking about chocolate milk, but thanks anyway."

Yesterday, he accidentally bumped the tray table and knocked over my coffee. I said nothing, and Selly went to get a towel and glass cleaner, to get up the mess. Tallen went all to pieces, "I'm so sorry, Mama. I didn't mean to spill your coffee! It was an accident!" I assured him that it was fine and that the cup was almost empty anyway. He wasn't satisfied, he grabbed my empty cup and ran for the kitchen, planning to make me another cup. We actually had to restrain him from getting a chair and climbing up to the coffee pot! He was determined that I should have another cup. Only after Selly promised to make me another cup, did he calm down. He was just so determined to make things right. I have never seen him like that.

Water World

Renni was nice enough to buy us an above ground pool and Fiance put it together. She doesn't have a big yard at her house, so it was easier to put it here and come use it when she wants. Tallen loves the water and so does Ross. I think Selly likes it pretty good too LOL There is a running battle betwixt Tallen and Ross, over a giant inflatable, caterpillar. It was really purchased for Tallen and is way to big for Ross to handle. She screams, "Not your Caterkiller! Dat's MY caterkiller!"


  1. At least your girls ask. Some day I'm going to write about the borrowed dress that made it all the way around campus and came to rest back with its original owner 2 months later!


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