*MY HAREM!* Look At All These Beautiful Faces! Follow Me! And Try To Keep Up, For Pete's Sake!!



You'll find this helpful, should you ever visit my neck of the woods... HOWEVER, we do NOT talk like this at our house. Not much, anyway...

If you read fast and just let the words flow together, you can get a fairly accurate sense of the way folks talk around here.

Hire = Hair

Bubba pult my hire!

Pult = Pulled

So I pult his right back!

Cheer =  Chair

Pull ya up a cheer!

Vurry = Very

Well that weren't vurry nice!

Wutten = Wasn't

Naw, it sure wutten!

Weren't = Wasn't

I told 'em air weren't no call for 'em to act like at.

Air = There

Air it is!

Airy or Urry = Any

Airy wunna em'll do.

Nairy or Nurry = Not One

I don't like nairy wunna 'em.

Em = Them

Jist leave 'em 'en.

En = Then

Aw-right, I will 'en.

Aw-right = Alright

Are you aw-right?

Bird = Buried

Mama died last Mundee. We bird 'er on Fridee.

Burries = Berries

Ever summer we pick blackburries.

Ever = Every

Ever now 'n en, I git ta missin' 'er.

Wur = Where

I know you stolt my horse! Now, wur is it?!

Battry = Battery

I needa 'nother battry for my flashlight.

Surl = Cereal

Corn Flakes is my favurt breakfast surl.

Stur = Stir

At ole hag likes ta stur up trouble so good, she art ta have spoons growin' out 'er hands,  'steada fangers.

Fanger = Finger

J'all see at S.O.B.  jist shoot me tha middle fanger?!

Piller = Pillow

On real warm nights, I keep flippin' my piller over to tha cool side.

Rip = Loose Woman

J'all see what at little rip's a wearing tuhday?

Palette = A bed on the floor

Y'all'er welcome ta stay, but you'll hafta make ya a palette in the floor.

Bed Clothes = Sheets, Blankets, Etc...

Warsh yer feet afore gittin' in bed, so's ya don't mess up tha bed clothes.

Sexual Inuendo = In reference to a peeping tom...

Hey Marla, I hear the law caught that peeping Tom, Buford, gittin Sexual Innuendo tha other night. That'll learn ya not ta leave yer curtains open...


Oh bitch, ya worry me near ta death! Yer gonna be the death of me!

Chimley = Wur tha smoke from the fireplace goes...

Liberry = Wur books is kept

Tendergarten = Wur younguns go ta learn

Kallasockee = A kind of  motorcIcle ( not cYcle!)

Harnee Dabisun = Another kind of motorcIcle

Frigidaire = Any refrigerator, no matter who manufactured it.

"Yer in my light!" = You are between someone and their view of the television.

"Crack the glass." = Can you open that window just a bit?

"I Swunney!" = " Oh my goodness!" or " I can hardly believe that!"

"Them younguns sure is smart!" = "Your children are well behaved."

"I'm trying to get a headache..." = " My head is beginning to hurt."

"I'm fixing to leave." = I'm just about to go."

"I'm ill as a hornet!" = "I'm angry."

You get the picture...


  1. Hee hee! Reminds me of how my dad's Oklahoma relatives talk. :P His mom says the word "ridiculous" in a really funny way too. I swear she removes at least 1 syllable!

  2. Chicago speak
    A couple two, three= a few


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