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Go Figure Friday or Things That Made Me Go "Hmmm..." This Week

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Here are this week's head scratchers and such...

What's Up With UPS?

Remember the tent that I ordered for Tallen's birthday, just a few days ago? Well, it arrived and the UPS person just left it sitting out in a downpour.In all my years dealing with UPS, I have never had this happen. Usually, they are very careful to place packages in plastic bags, even if it only looks like it might rain. The shipping box fell to pieces and Tallen read the other box, that was showing through. Once he squealed, "Transformers!" and started jumping and clapping his hands ,I had to let him have it, or he would have lost his mind. At any rate, the tent and tunnel were up in a matter of minutes. Plus, it all folds flat for easy storage and even comes with it's own travel bag. Tallen played with it for hours last night. I knew he would love having a little hideaway. Ross loves it just as much. Her favorite part is crawling through the tunnel over and over.

No Parking?

Hubs has taken his double standardness(is that even a word?lol) to a whole new level. He has always went off the deep end if I, or anyone visiting me, happens to drive in the grass, even an inch. Well now he has some new hunting buddies. There are like 6 of them and they all show up in their own trucks, when they meet over here to go hunting. Apparently, not one of them is smart enough to do a forward three-point turn. Instead, they back all the way around half of the circle drive, then back through the grass, get stuck, spin up the yard, then come flying out of their rut and completely cross the driveway and go into the grass on the other side.Twice, one of them has bumped one of my solar landscaping torches, I let it slide and put it back in it's place. Yesterday one of them actually broke one of the torches, his ass is mine, when he comes back. To top it off, Hubs has even been letting them park in the yard! When this happened yesterday, I could remain silent no longer...

"What the heck? You're letting him park on the grass?" I asked, as I looked out the window.
"You've been letting them drive through the yard too."
"I know."
"Well, why are you letting them get away with that? You yell at me for getting over into the yard even a little bit."
"Well, I just don't care anymore."
"Great! I've always wanted to drive across the lawn!"
"Don't even think about it..."

WTH!? I am so ready to snap.

Smoothies Are the Bomb!
I got this awesome blender from UWantSavings. Specifically because, since I found those lumps in my neck, I am trying to get as many fruits and veggies into my body as I can. I figure I can get a lot more in by drinking them. Anyway, I have never made a smoothie in my life until night before last. I took some ripe bananas, frozen blueberries, a few spoonfuls of yogurt, honey, and ice cubes and tossed them in the blender and hit the switch. I wound up with a beautiful purple concoction that tasted great. To my surprise, Tallen, who has a very specific menu of foods he will eat, drank a whole glass and loved it. So did Ross. This thrills me as I now have a way to get loads more nutritious foods into them. They just think it they're having a yummy milkshake.


  1. I think you should drive around the yard a few times. Maybe you should chase the people who are hitting your torches around the yard in your car. What would your husband think then? lol

  2. The usual, he'd say he didn't know why I felt the need to act like such a b*tch. Then blame it on PMS, hormones, etc... anything but the fact that he is being an unfair jerk LOL

  3. Yeah! I agree with Pam; just take a little tour around and around the yard; Oooohh...Ooohh..I have one better; invite your gal friends to take a tour, also! Wouldn't that be FUN! :)

    I would have participated in your Go Figure Friday, but I already put my post on for today. Boo Hoo!!

  4. Poor thing! I feel for you! Too many boys and not enough women! I know how that is:)I'm glad the gift worked, though UPS fell through on you.

  5. Great post! And I read about a woman that makes smoothies out of her dandelions! How far are you willing to go to save a buck!

  6. A. Marie, he would flat pull his hair out, if he came home and my company was parked in the yard! LOL

    Thanks, bluecottonmemory, actually, there are more females here, I guess we just gotta get meaner and take back what is ours, so to speak LOL

    Sonya Ann, I always wanted to try dandelions in a salad or make ine from them, but I always wonder what stray dog might have passed and took a wizz on them. Even when I washed them, I still couldn't stomach the thought LOL

  7. I used to have a button that read "It's not PMS, I AM a Bitch!" I loved that button. LOL!

  8. I need me one of them there buttons! Or maybe not, I'd probably wind up smashing the pointy side into his forehead, just to make sure he understood... lol

  9. ROFLMAO!! If I had been drinking when I read that last comment, I would have choked!!

    I think we are related!

  10. LOL Frances! The thought of you spewing your drink made me laugh out loud. I really need that laugh today. Thanks!


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