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Top Ten Thursday

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday! I created this meme to add a little bit of variety to Frump Day ( no longer Hump Day, not yet Friday...) If you would like to participate, just create your own Top Ten post about anything your heart desires and add the link below. Everyone is welcome to join in. This should get really interesting...

Top Ten Strangest Dreams I Have Had (in no certain order)

1. I once had a dream that it was the end of time and Jesus had returned. Everyone was to go to a field in this small town in Virginia. That is where the gates were at to get into Heaven. When I arrived, there was a sea of millions of people. It was impossible to see all the way to the gate. Along the edge of the field, there was a line of people that were walking away from the gate. My mother was in that line. When I asked why she was leaving, she replied very angrily, "They wouldn't let me in!"

2. At a time in my life, when I was having a lot of physical pain, I dreamed that I met my guardian angel. It was so strange because she took the form of Glenn Close. I mean, I like Glenn and all but I have never been a big fan. Anyway, she said, " If you want the pain to stop, you have to become a soldier." Suddenly, I found myself dressed in Army BDUs. "A soldier for what?", I asked. "A soldier for God.", she said.

3.Just after Renni was born, I dreamed that I went to her crib and she had on no clothes. I was very upset and couldn't imagine who had taken them. Then, I noticed a small hole in the wall above her crib. Upon investigating further, I found that, just inside the frame of the door to her room, was a long, skinny, door, that I had never noticed before. I opened it, and inside that wall/room, was everything that I had ever lost. Toys, key chains, shoelaces, everything. In the far corner, I saw Renni's missing clothes. Then, I noticed a small toy piano. Slumped over the keys, was the lifeless body of a clown puppet. Suddenly, he came to life, say up, and started to play the piano. He began to roll his head around and started to sing, "Around the bend, around the bend." ( I have never heard those lyrics in any song lol)
That dream scared the beans outta me! Gotta love those post-partum hormones...
4. Once, I dozed off while watching a movie with my husband and kids. I dreamed that an old, brown car, came speeding past me on the road and wrecked, going nose first into a ravine. I ran over and looked down to the crash. The driver was slumped over the wheel, dead. I recognized him as a child molester that I had seen on the news (not in real life, but in the dream, I recognized him right away). The car was positively crammed full of little kids that he had kidnapped, screaming for help. I had someone hold me by the feet and lower me into the ditch. One by one, I grabbed those little kids by their hands and held on for dear life, as someone pulled my legs back out of the ditch, helping me get them to safety. I'll bet there was at least 25 children.

When I woke up, I could not even move my arms, I was so exhausted. My arms ached well into the next day. Everyone that was awake in the room as I slept swore that they never saw me moving around in my sleep. I read once that, when we sleep, we are actually awake on the other side of the world helping people. My sore arms made me wonder if there wasn't some truth to that...

5. Once, I dreamed that I was sitting at the gas island of a convenience store, out in the middle of nowhere. The store sat at a crossroads. There was nothing else on the other three corners. The store was totally deserted. I had no idea how I got there, as I did not have a car with me. The sky was dark grey, except for the lighter grey and silver clouds that were speeding by. They were the sort of clouds that make huge shadows move over the ground. The wind started to blow HARD. I wrapped my arms around a pole at the gas island and held on for dear life. Lightening started to flash! In the distance, I could see a tornado rolling up the highway and getting closer to me. The tornado was pitch black! Not grey or white like I would expect one to be. Soon, it was only a couple hundred feet away. That's when I realized that the funnel cloud was made up completely of ravens! Thousands of them. I wasn't afraid anymore. My fear was replaced by awe.

What struck me about this dream is that, upon seeing all those birds, I didn't think they were crows or blackbirds, or any of the usual words. The word that popped in my mind was, "Ravens!", a word I have never really used. I loved that dream. I wish I could have it again. LOL

6. I had another dream with Ravens. The world, as we know it now, was under water. Of course, there were all these little peaks of land that rose above the surface and there were signs sticking up from them with "street" addresses. Even though I can't swim in real life, I could swim like a fish in that dream! I had no trouble standing on one peak and seeing my little nub of land, off in the distance, because my land had tons of ravens sitting atop of it. I swam out to it and dove right under the surface of the water. I opened the door to my little house and swam inside. It was so funny because I had a working TV, a microwave, and lights, all underwater! Everything worked. Also, I never needed to go up for air and I could walk around with ease, never floating to the ceiling.

7.Several years ago, I was struck down with an illness that sent me to bed. My bones ached so bad that I couldn't walk at all and I had a fever. It was two whole weeks before I even felt well enough to venture out to a doctor. She couldn't imagine what the problem was, unless I had the flu, but the symptoms didn't exactly fit the flu. Now that I have tested positive for Lyme disease, she thinks that might have been the beginning of it. Anyway, I couldn't work, I couldn't do anything. Folks were even having flowers delivered to my door.

Well one day, as I lay there with a high fever, I dreamed that I was at the store where I worked, it was break time and I was eating the best Little Debbie cake I had ever tasted ( nothing like any they actually sell) The cake would just melt in my mouth and the outside was just the right crispness and was coated in powdered sugar. I had to place the cake down on the counter, when I was called to the cooler for some reason and, when I returned, there was a customer ( now my husband lol) polishing off the last of that delicious cake. I wanted to choke him! What the heck was he doing in my dream anyway!

Well, the phone rang, jolting me from my dream. I answered it and guess who was calling, worried about me because I hadn't been to work in a few weeks? It was Hubs! Calling me for the first time ever! He had bugged one of my co-workers until she gave him my home number, against store policy. I always thought it was so strange that the first time I dream about some customer, he calls my house and wakes me from that very dream. I might add that Hubs is a total Little Debbie cake addict! LOL

8.When Renni and Cota were just toddlers, I had several dreams of this ghostly little boy. He wasn't really a ghost but more like he kept appearing from so far off dimension. He would follow me around, calling out to me, "Mama! Mama!". " I am not your mother", I would reply to him. "But you are!", he would seem so sad and frustrated. He had eyes like saucers. In the dream, everyone else could also see him, floating behind me wherever I went.

He was so cute. I felt so sorry for him, wishing I could help him find his real mama. He always insisted that I was his mother, but I had all the kids I ever planned to have. Eventually the dreams of this boy went away. But, I never forgot them or how he looked.

That little boy was Tallen. I am sure of it.

9. After I had Renni, I was so sad that my daddy was not alive to meet her. He had passed away when I was just seven years old. His face was fading in my mind and mama never really kept up with any pictures of him for us kids. One night, he came to me in a dream. His face was such a beautiful sight! He was healthy and laughing,like before he got sick. We spent hours together, just walking, and talking, and laughing. I introduced him to my new baby daughter. He eventually had to leave. He hugged me goodbye and said he loved me. I didn't cry when I awoke. I felt happy. I felt like I had really had a visit from my daddy.

It's hard to describe, but that dream wasn't as fleeting and timeless, as most dreams are. It really seemed to happen in real time. Like ever how many hours I slept that night, is how many hours I visited with him. After that, I had a very clear picture of his face.

10. Over the years, I have had many "telling" dreams. I might dream someone is pregnant or that someone has passed. Within a day or so after dreaming these things, I find out that what I dreamed has came to pass. This has happened many, many, times over the years. I do not enjoy those dreams of dreaming someone has died.

Sometimes I dream of things before they happen. Once, I dreamed that my MIL's ( Cina's Granny) house caught fire. The fire started at at outlet. the one she had her refrigerator plugged into. Her house burned to the ground, but nobody was harmed.

Well, I told her about the dream and thought nothing else of it. A few weeks later, my ex (her son) and I, returned home from shopping and listened to the messages on the answering machine (remember those things with tapes, before digital answering systems and voice mail? lol) There was one from his mother. She was blubbering and screaming so much that we had no idea what she was saying. Before the message ended, we could make out, "Your dream! Your dream!". Well we called her right away, of course. It seems that she arrived home from work and found her kitchen full of smoke. Though she couldn't see well enough to tell where the fire was right away, she remembered my dream, ran straight to the refrigerator and tugged it out from the wall, finding that the smoke and flames were coming from the outlet. She was able to put out the fire and keep the house from burning down. I don't recall if the short was in the wiring to the house or in the cord to the refrigerator, but at any rate, it was at the outlet...

11. One more, just because this one is so weird and #10 reminded me of it. Once, my ex-MIL gave us a small stove. I hated that thing because, even at 100 degrees, the oven burned everything to a crisp. Well, one day, while napping ( can y'all tell that my sleep history is made up mostly of naps?lol) I dreamed that one of my brothers was over to visit. I took some torched biscuits from the oven and he made a face. I got upset and told him that it wasn't that I was a bad cook, it was that my oven was possessed. I told him how it burned everything. Well, he asked for a screwdriver, walked over to the stove and popped off the oven knob. He showed me that on back of it, there was a screw that I could loosen, then move this little metal gauge with notches, to adjust my oven temperature.

I woke up and told my husband to give me a screwdriver. "Why?", he asked. " My brother just came to me in a dream and told me how to fix the oven." He looked at me as if I was bonkers. " Just give me the screwdriver and then laugh later, if I am wrong!" He gave me the screwdriver, and then watched in amazement, as I followed my brothers instructions and fixed the oven settings. I was so thrilled! The funniest thing is, when I told my brother about this later, he was amazed as well, since he really had no idea about taking off the knob and adjusting the settings either. It was news to him


  1. Interesting post.

    I have joined you in the Top Ten Thursday over @ my blog. :)

  2. You have had the most interesting dreams! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thanks for sharing your dreams!
    Really interesting.
    I plan on participating in these kinds of things more often.

  4. AWESOME post! I have super crazy dreams too. One time when I was pregnant (had TONS of dreams then, like every night) I dreamed that 2 BIG cats broke into my house. One was a black panther and the other was a mountain lion. They were stalking my dogs. And I had to lock all of us into my bedroom and call 911. It was CRAZY! I woke up in a cold sweat over that one!

    I also dreamed about my husband years before I ever met him. Often I have a dream and "know" that it's something that will happen someday. When I was in college I had this dream of living in this certain house, the way the rooms were laid out, and furniture was arranged, even the smell of it, and then in the dream I had this very ordinary every day type of conversation with this man (can't remember what was said, it wasn't especially memorable). When I woke up I just "knew" that was going to be my husband and house someday. Funny thing was that I didn't realize the dream was about him until I had a dejavu experience after we had been married for about a year.


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