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Somehow, I keep forgetting to tell y'all that CC, the she-devil cat, had kittens about 4 days ago. A while back, I had sat her outside for doing something stupid (nothing as serious as the time she cracked my rib) but sometimes, she does something so annoying, that I just need her out of my sight for a while. Like, when I catch her pouncing onto the counter and I wave my arms like a crazy person and start hissing at her. "Get down from there!", I yell. And she looks at me like, "Come make me bitch!"... Times like that. Anyway, to get even with me, she decided to throw herself at some rebel cat that was just passing through. Here are the results. I'm not really upset as they are so darn cute and on a farm, good mousers are always needed. She only had four and they are all doing great.

In other news the Beech Nut tree in our yard, actually has nuts on it this year. Weird though, cause they are only on a few branches on one side of that huge tree. Hubs asked me if they were edible, which led to me researching online. Turns out, they should be harvested in the fall, and sure enough, they're edible. They can be used in meatless burgers, roasted, ground up and used for flour, they can even be roasted and ground, then used as a coffee substitute. Who would've thunk it? 


  1. Oooooooohhhhh....they are absolutely adorable!! :)

  2. Those kitties are just adorable! Good luck with Mama...

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  4. Those kittens are so cute!! I can't let Hubby see, since when he sees kittens, he wants to go get one or three. LOL! We have 3 cats and that is enough for now.

  5. Thanks, Y'all! Their mama was that cute at one time... lol She's still cute, just a tad evil.


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