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Top Ten Thursday

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday! I created this meme to add a little bit of variety to Frump Day ( no longer Hump Day, not yet Friday...) If you would like to participate, just create your own Top Ten post about anything your heart desires and add the link below. Everyone is welcome to join in. This should get really interesting...

Top Ten Reasons That I Have Been Almost Too Busy To Blog This Week

1.Yard Sale

 Renni, my sister, and I, held a yard sale last weekend. We had planned to have it on all three days, but we got rained out on Sunday. Sort of a blessing, since I was burnt to a crisp. We decided to have another on this coming weekend. That gives me lots more time to drag out some more stuff that needs to go to a new home. It amazes me that folks will actually pay to help me de-clutter my house. So anyway, with another yard sale coming up, I have been getting together more things.

  The coolest thing happened. I had found a Southern Comfort bar mirror in the scary closet ( none of us stay in there long, cause it's dark and creepy and smells a bit funny) It's chock full of stuff that Hubs has collected over the years. I made up my mind to turn it from the scary closet to a super functional linen closet. Anyway, I asked Hubs could I put that mirror in the sale. He agreed. I slapped a price of $75.00 on it, just hoping that someone who had a bar or something might happen by. Well, one lady told her husband in a pissy tone, "She's asking $75.00 for that mirror!" That night, I decided to look for a similar one online, hoping to get an idea of a fair price. I was shocked to find that it is actually worth around $500.00! I brought it back home and put it back in the scary closet LOL

2. Ross Has Been Sick

She has not felt well and has been refusing to eat. Plus refusing to swallow Tylenol. As long as she is running the floors and getting into stuff, she is happy as a lark. But Lord, the nights have been terrible! The only way she will sleep is lying with her head in mine or Cina's lap. The minute we think enough time has passed that she should be sound asleep and slip from under her, the wailing starts. This horrible, raspy, fingernails on a chalkboard scream. This goes on all night, till sunrise. Then she literally passes out from exhaustion and we are like the walking dead.

3. Puppies

We have a new litter of hound puppies Their mother is an escape artist and we have never been able to keep her in the kennel. She can even get a locked gate open. So, when she gave birth, she did it down in the woods, in an abandoned doghouse from years ago. Now the puppies are getting around and are all over the place. So we are constantly having to keep check that they aren't lost in the woods, getting under a car, or being eaten by the satanic Doberman from up the street, that has already killed two of our smaller dogs.

Plus, there is Lil' Gimpy, the sweetest pup ever. His right front leg is totally useless. He was born that way. Hubs thought we should have him put to sleep. But, I reasoned that if he was willing to fight to survive, then we should be willing to give him the chance. He managed to fight for his fair share of milk, until they were weaned. Now, he makes his way all the way up to the house. He just keeps his balance by moving his good leg sort of center to his chest and moving right along.I am making him a shirt to keep the bad leg snug to his body and out of the way. Now Hubs and I are "fighting" about my planning to bring him inside LOL.

This mother dog always has one deformed puppy in each litter. Last litter, she has a pup that was fat as a pig. Three times big as the others. We found him un-responsive when he was just a few days old and I tried to revive him with no luck. During the process, I realized what the problem was. He had no anus! It was the saddest thing I have ever seen. At least Lil' Gimpy is seeing a better fate.

4.Cina's Birthday

She turned 15 this week! I had ordered her two dresses from Graveyard Mall and they arrived just in time. They looked so nice on her and fit perfectly. I got them at a great price. She was so happy with them, one would have thought that I bought them at the Gap! LOL

Renni came over that night and baked her a cake. For some reason, it totally exploded when she started to frost it. I wasn't in the kitchen, so I can't even begin to guess what happened. At any rate, it was still a very good tasting cake. Plus, I got a brainstorm and made the best BBQ chicken ever for dinner. Everyone loved it. Hubs even got out of bed in the middle of the night and ate all the leftovers. It was sort of like BBQ General Tso's. Only the chicken was very tender, not chewy and the crusty part had just the right texture. I'm working on a cooking blog. With any luck, I will make it again and post a pic and recipe there.

5.Cattle Rustlers?

Hubs didn't make it down to check the cattle until almost dark the other day. He couldn't locate five of the calves but figured they were just hiding and planned to find them the next evening. Well, he and Selly, and I, were all out in the drive, working on a tractor (actually me a Selly were eating chocolate snack cakes that we found in his truck and watching him work on the tractor lol) Our guard dog and the mama hound took off down the back drive, down toward the pasture barking. We first thought it must be a deer they were after.

About 20 minutes later, we heard a cow hollering. They never do this unless they see Hubs truck coming or they are frightened for their babies. Then we heard a car making it's way out from the road by the pasture. Selly ran down the back drive, I took off the other way, through the woods in front of the house, hoping to see the car as it passed, and Hubs took off in the truck, aiming to drive round to the end of the drive and catch them coming out. Well, all I could see through the trees was a blue flash. I couldn't make out the type of vehicle. I came back and met Selly. She said as she got to the bottom of the hill, the car stopped and the woman driving looked right at her, then sped away.

Hubs called back to the house from his cell and said he met them on the road. He didn't recognize the car or the driver. But that it was an older model car with a huge trunk. Sounds crazy to think someone would load a calf in a car and steal it but drug addicts are doing just that these days. They take them to the stock sale and sell them for what they can get.

So anyway, Hubs and I both have been taking turns cruising the area, looking for that car. We still haven't found out calves...

6.Hay Rustlers?

Every year, Hubs cuts and rolls those huge round bales of hay. He cuts in several fields and when he has finished them all, he loads the hay on trailers and hauls it down to the barn and stacks it. Well, this week, we noticed that several bales have gone missing from one field. It's crazy, as the field is right in front of someones house. Besides the fact the moving even one round bale of hay is no small feat and takes a bit of time to load. Amazingly, nobody has seen a thing. So we are having to keep our eyes open for a hay thief.

It really chaps my rear, how there are people out there that think it's perfectly fine to let one person bust their ass making a living, while they sit on their ass, then they go take what the other guy has worked for...

7. Vehicle Problems
Our main truck had the engine come out of it. The local shade tree mechanic, Hairy Greg, rebuilt the engine and had it up and running in no time. But within a few days, it was acting up again. While he had it at his house, all our gas got stolen out of it, or so he said. Well, Hubs started using our old green farm truck and asked Hairy Greg to work on the other one again. He wanted HG to leave it on our property, since HG has no garage and the truck is not protected from thieves, but HG insisted to take it to a friend's garage and work on it there. Hubs finally gave in, against what I had to say about it.The green truck started leaking water this week.

8. Tallen

 He says the kitchen computer is "boring". The difference in it and mine is that it has an older monitor and mine has a nice flat screen. Anyway, it's hard to pull him away from my comp. Plus he has been testing a new educational game site. I can't see the monitor in the kitchen. So I am computer-less for a long while each day. Couple that with Ross not sleeping and I'm just out in the cold.

9. Ross Again
When she was being such a grouch earlier this week, I realized that she is cutting a molar. So at first, I attributed her not eating and slight fever to that. Well, last night, I noticed a couple of white spots on her tongue. Then, around noon Wednesday, I noticed a blister on her lip. I called the doctor right away. They said I could bring her in but had to be there in one hour. Town is a ways off. So I had about 15 minutes to get her, Hubs, and myself, ready for the trip. We made it just in time. I commented that the parking lot seemed really deserted. Hubs says, "Dammit! They're not here anymore!" In our rush, we had forgotten that the doctor's office had moved to a new building across town. I hurried and called them on the cell and let them know we would be a little late.

 They took Ross back right away. It was amazing. This child that had been screaming in our faces all week, whenever we tried to comfort her, transformed into an angel. She didn't fuss when the doctor looked in her ears. She even opened her mouth and said "Ahhh!" so the doc could see her throat. When she was asked to stick her tongue out further, she did it! The doctor told her that she needed to drink lots of fluids and take her Tylenol and eat lots of cold things. She smiled and nodded and said, "OK!" 

  Turns out that she has some virus that just floats around and attacks little kids. Actually, the doctor said that most folks have it and never know it, but small kids have a worse reaction since their immune systems are weaker. It just has to run it's course.

10.Just When You Think You Can Trust Your Hairy, Alcoholic, Mechanic...

Hubs left around 9:30 PM last night to go let their dogs run. At around 11:00 PM, I was on the phone with Renni, who was nice enough to stop by the store, on her way home from work, and pick up some more things for us to try and get Ross to eat. A call comes in on the other line. I go to the beep and it is HG's step-mother.

"Is this the XX residence?"
"Yes, it is."
"Well tell XX that he might want to come get his truck. G ( she leaves off the "Hairy" part, that's my nickname for him) is in it, spinning circles in peoples' yards."
"Um, Our truck is over at XX's garage. It isn't running."
"Isn't it a burgundy XX?"
"Well that is the one he is in."
"Wow, is he drunk?"
I will try to get Hubs on his cell. Thanks.

Like clockwork, Hubs and his crew come pulling down the drive, less than a minute later. I told him the story... "Good news is, our truck must be fixed. Bad news is, your mechanic is shit faced drunk, driving your truck, terrorizing the neighborhood, and will most likely have it destroyed by the time you get there." He had one of those guys ride with him to pick up his truck.

When he gets over that way, he finds that HG is already back at his home. He tells Hubs that he drove the truck to town earlier to check on his brother and ended up getting pissed off and getting drunk. ( Excuse me? Why is this guy driving our truck anywhere without permission?)Mind you, he has not called to tell us that the truck is fixed. Hubs can't understand half of what he is blubbering about. Just as Hubs was leaving, two carloads of police roll in and Hubs has to explain that he has no idea what has been going on, that he is just there to get his vehicle. Not sure if they ended up taking HG to jail or not.

One would assume, living back in the boonies as we do, not much would go on. That isn't the case. At least it hasn't been this week...



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  2. I have friends that have a pug/chihuahua mix that has a gimpy leg in the front and he's 15 years old! He's the sweetest little guy too, and can hold his own against the meanest of Dobermans ;) I am glad you let him live!


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