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It is absolutely freezing here this morning! Well, actually, it is around 50 degrees. But still a lot colder than usual.

I really hate to see summer end. However, I am very excited that the leaves will be changing soon. The colors are amazing. Plus, cold weather gives one a good excuse to sit inside all day and crochet. Not to mention that it also brings soup back in fashion, which means lots of carefree days of just dumping a few things in the slow cooker and forgetting them till supper time. Woo Hoo!


  1. It was 42 this morning when I climbed into my van.

  2. Today felt like fall where I live as well. But I know this day is short lived b/c tomorrow we will be back to our 90 degree weather, which will last almost up to mid-December. :( I miss the change of seasons.


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