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Getting Back To Normal and How I Turned $3 into $120

Actually, nothing is ever normal around here! LOL But things have calmed down a great deal from last week. I am slowly recovering from the brain fog that I had developed due to worry and lack of sleep.


Tallen has returned to his usual self. That may never be "normal" by traditional standards, but it is the normal that we have came to know and love. It is the normal that is Tallen.

On Saturday, I decided to brave all the wires and cables and attempt to connect our Wii to the internet, thinking that the novelty of the whole thing might get Tallen's interest. I didn't have any instructions, as the system came from my sister and she has all that stuff at her house. So I went online and looked up the process. I could have cried. I read that, in order to get online, I needed this cable and that cable and the cable I needed had been discontinued, but that a similar cable might work. AHH! Just as I was about to give up, I read, " Or course, you could use the most simple process and connect to the internet via the built in wireless adapter... I felt like such a schmuck! Here this thing sat, not even six feet away from my wireless router! All I had to do was change a few settings and TAH DAH! we were connected. I had to laugh at myself...

Anywho, once I had the Wii connected to the internet, I was able to download a few games for Tallen. I chose the original Mario Brothers, thinking it may help his dexterity. I also downloaded Pac Man, as I have often discovered him playing this online, on a teeny tiny game screen.

Saturday night, yesterday, and last night, were all wonderful around here. Tallen had no more fits and there was no ranting about going back to town. He did say once that he needed to go back to Walmart and I cringed. As it turned out, he had just ran out of Sponge Bob gummy Krabby Patties and wanted to go get some more. He only mentioned it once and then said no more. Whew! Hubs let him ride with him to check the cows and to a little local store last night. there was no screaming or crying when he returned home. He had already began to calm down a bit, before I got the idea about the Wii. I'm wondering if maybe he was feeling sick somehow and just expressing it in other ways. I think I will cross post to Tallen's blog and see if anyone can offer some ideas. Thanks so much to all of you who offered prayers and encouragement while we were dealing with this. It really does help a lot to know that others care and are pulling for us.

How I Turned $3.00 into $120.00

First, let me just say that, if you decide to try this, you do so at your own risk. I tried it and am tickled pink with the way it worked out. Here's the low down...

By following the instructions given on another blog, I was able to register for three different programs that offer their first month membership for $1.00. Two of these places have changed their original offers to some other crappy free gift, but one has remained the same with offering $20.00 in Target gift cards. This other blogger had the forethought to keep the links for the great gift cards that the other two places originally offered. One offered $50.00 in Exxon Mobil gift cards and the other offered $50.00 in Lowe's gift cards. As long as a new member cancels before the first month trial is over, they have only been charged $1.00 and the free gifts are theirs to keep. I tried this and had $120.00 in gift cards in just three days!

The instructions are HERE and HERE. I know her post is dated several months ago, but I just complete these deals within the last two weeks, so it is still working. Just be sure to follow her instructions exactly.

I plan to use the Lowe's cards to buy some paint for my living room. The Exxon cards will be used for gas. I don't live anywhere near a Target, so I guess I will use them online. If you try this, I would love to hear from you. My sister did it the other day, I'll let y'all know how it turns out for her.

Help! I've Fallen...

My home is a myriad of safety gates. I had to keep them up for Tallen way longer than one normally would. Just about the time that Tallen could be trusted enough to have them taken down, Ross arrived. It's pretty much second nature for all of us that, upon entering a doorway, we immediately lift the leg in front, so as to clear the gate. I'll throw into the mix now that I have two black leather ottomans that are hollow inside, so as to store their matching hassocks. The tops of these ottomans flip over and become 5" deep trays.

Well last night, I was entering the darkened living room from the kitchen, and I did my customary high step, to clear the gate. My front foot went down, so I continued to move forward, not realizing that is was actually going into the top of an ottoman that I couldn't see in the dark. Someone, for reasons I shall never know, had parked that thing right in front of the safety gate. I tripped and proceeded to fly through the darkness, I knocked the wind out of myself. I know it must have shaken the house yet nobody hurried to my aid. All told, I banged my head as I landed, twisted my knee, injured my foot ( some of these injuries were actually caused by the ottoman), and have a bruise and carpet burn on my right boob. Too bad I couldn't have captured this on video, it would have been a riot to watch in slow motion. LOL

Finally, PLEASE follow my link at the top of the page that leads to my Washer Dryer post, and comment. The person with the most comments wins a new set and I really need it.



  1. OUCH, I hope you are o.k. And, YAY for you turning $3 into $120!! That is awesome. Don't tell your kids;)

  2. Thanks Helio! LOL On not telling the kids!


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