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A Fly On The Wall Wednesday

Had you been a fly on the wall here, at the Castle of Chaos, this past week, here are some things you would have heard...

Selly: "Tallen is a lot smarter than me about some things. Like, he knows all about Mount Kilajamari."

Me: "Mount what?"

Selly: "Kilajamari. It's on a poster, near my desk, at school. Plus, Tallen talks about it all the time."

Me: "Do you mean Mount Kilimanjaro?"

Selly: "Yes! That's it!"


Ross: "There's a spider MomMom!"

Me: Having heard her moments earlier saying, "There's a dragon, MomMom!" and "There's a monster, MomMom!" , "Oh, really? That's nice."

Ross: "There is a spider MomMom."

Me: Taking a closer look at the spot on the wall where she was pointing, "Oh, I see it now." I grabbed a tissue and squished the spider. "There, I killed it."

Ross: Looking a bit sad, "You killed it?"

Me: "Yes."

Ross: "Oh man! I'm never gonna get to have a spider!"


  1. I don't like spiders.... cute post.

  2. I have plenty of spiders here she can have!


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