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It Was Bound To Happen...

Tallen lost his first tooth today. Well, technically, I noticed it dangling by one corner and finished removing it. He went off the deep end. It was heartbreaking. He cried and cried, begging me to put his tooth back in. I tried telling him about the magical tooth fairy that would come and leave him money tonight. But, since he has no interest in money at all, he wasn't comforted.

I called his aunt and at work and asked her to try and calm him down. She told him, "Tallen, you'll be OK." Still sobbing, he said, "No I won't! Mama took out my tooth!" He kept telling people that all day. Made me feel a bit like a monster. I knew with his condition and the way he hates anything to change, he wouldn't accept losing his teeth very well. He has finally calmed down now. His sister brought him some play-doh with alphabet cutters. I really hope he doesn't get so upset with the next one, or those to follow.

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