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Don't Beat Around the Bush, Tallen, Tell Us How You Really Feel...

Sibling rivalry is certainly nothing new. Ross and Tallen have their share of it, yet they are very protective of each other. However, when Tallen does get frustrated with his little sister, he comes up with some very unique ways of expressing it. I never know what what he might say or exactly where it comes from.

For Example...
Yesterday, Tallen and I were in my bedroom and Ross came toddling in. Tallen yells at her, " No Ross! You get out of here!" I stopped Ross from leaving and turned to Tallen, "Look Tallen, this is my room. I decide who can come in here and Ross has as much right to come in as you do." He looked annoyed but nodded his head in agreement. Then he said, " Come here Ross, I have a few things to tell you." Ross, innocently toddled over to hear what her big brother had to say. "First of all", he said, "You need to get back into the living room. Second of all, you need to get out of our lives. Third of all, you make my lungs feel like they are filling up with blood." She, being clueless to the horrible verbal assault she had just received, just smiled and said, "OK Tallen." Of course I reprimanded him and explained that that was a horrible thing to say to her. But I am still left wondering where on earth the blood in the lungs comment came from...

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  1. Sounds like my kids...but they are usually hitting each other at the same time as yelling the verbal assaults.


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